Use VoIP services in Odoo with OnSIP


OnSIP VoIP services are only available in the United States (US). OnSIP VoIP services are widely available in the lower-48, contiguous United States. In Alaska or Hawaii, charges for service can be higher.

Additionally, a US billing address, and US credit card are required to use the service.

Before setting up an account with OnSIP, the business will need to make sure the business telephone numbers are portable to OnSIP.

OnSIP makes every attempt to work with all telephone service providers. However, certain local or regional guidelines may preclude the company’s current provider from releasing the number.


Odoo VoIP can be set up to work together with OnSIP (Odoo Landing Page). OnSIP is a VoIP provider. An account is needed with OnSIP in order to use this service.

Before setting up an account with OnSIP, make sure the company’s home area, and the areas that will be called, are covered by OnSIP services.

After opening an OnSIP account, follow the configuration procedure below to configure it on an Odoo database.


To configure the Odoo database to connect to OnSIP services, first navigate to the Apps application from the main Odoo dashboard. Then, remove the default Apps filter from the Search… bar, and search for VoIP OnSIP.

Next, install the VOIP OnSIP module.

View of OnSIP app in the app search results.

Odoo VoIP setting

After installing the VOIP OnSIP module, go to the Settings app, scroll down to the Integrations section, and locate the Asterisk (VoIP) fields. Then, proceed to fill in those three fields with the following information:

  • OnSIP Domain: the domain that was assigned when creating an account on OnSIP.

  • WebSocket: wss://

  • VoIP Environment: Production

VoIP configuration settings in Odoo Settings app.


To access the OnSIP domain, navigate to OnSIP and log in. Then, click the Administrators link in the top-right of the page.

Next, in the left menu, click Users, and then select any user. By default, the selected user opens on the User Info tab.

Click on the Phone Settings tab to reveal OnSIP configuration credentials (first column).

Domain setting revealed (highlighted) on administrative panel of OnSIP management console.

Odoo user setting

Next, the user needs to be set up in Odoo. Every user associated with an OnSIP user must also be configured in the Odoo user’s settings/preferences.

To do that, navigate to Settings app ‣ Manage Users ‣ Select the User.

On the user form, click Edit to configure the user’s OnSIP account. Then, click the Preferences tab, and scroll to the VoIP section.

In this section, fill in the fields with OnSIP credentials.

Fill in the following fields with the associated credentials listed below:

  • VoIP Username / Extension Number = OnSIP Username

  • OnSIP Auth Username = OnSIP Auth Username

  • VoIP secret = OnSIP SIP Password

  • External device number = OnSIP Ext. (extension without the x)

OnSIP user credentials with username, auth username, SIP password, and extension highlighted.


The OnSIP extension can be found in the User banner line above the tabs.

When these steps are complete, navigate away from the user form in Odoo to save the configurations.

Once saved, Odoo users can make phone calls by clicking the ☎️ (phone) icon in the top-right corner of Odoo.

See also

Additional setup and troubleshooting steps can be found on OnSIP’s knowledge base.

Incoming calls

The Odoo database also receives incoming calls that produce pop-up windows in Odoo. When those call pop-up windows appear, click the green 📞 (phone) icon to answer the call.

To ignore the call, click the red 📞 (phone) icon.

Incoming call shown in the Odoo VoIP widget.

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VoIP widget


Missing parameters

If a Missing Parameters message appears in the Odoo widget, make sure to refresh the Odoo browser window (or tab), and try again.

Missing parameter message in the Odoo VoIP widget.

Incorrect number

If an Incorrect Number message appears in the Odoo widget, make sure to use the international format for the number. This means leading with the international country code.

A country code is a locator code that allows access to the desired country’s phone system. The country code is dialed first, prior to the target number. Each country in the world has its own specific country code.

For example, 16505555555 (where 1 is the international prefix for the United States).

Incorrect number message populated in the Odoo VoIP widget.

See also

For a list of comprehensive country codes, visit:

OnSIP on mobile phone

In order to make and receive phone calls when the user is not in front of Odoo on their computer, a softphone app on a mobile phone can be used in parallel with Odoo VoIP.

This is useful for convenient, on-the-go calls, and to make sure incoming calls are heard. Any SIP softphone will work.