Flutterwave is an online payments provider established in Nigeria and covering several African countries and payment methods.

Configuration on Flutterwave Dashboard

  1. Log into Flutterwave Dashboard and go to Settings ‣ API. Copy the values of the Public Key and Secret Key fields and save them for later.

  2. Go to Settings ‣ Webhooks and enter your Odoo database URL followed by /payment/flutterwave/webhook in the URL text field.
    For example: https://yourcompany.odoo.com/payment/flutterwave/webhook.
  3. Fill the Secret hash with a password that you generate and save its value for later.

  4. Make sure all the remaining checkboxes are ticked.

  5. Click on Save to finalize the configuration.

Flutterwave settings

Configuration on Odoo

  1. Navigate to the payment provider Flutterwave and change its state to Enabled.

  2. In the Credentials tab, fill the Public Key, Secret Key, and Webhook Secret with the values you saved at the step Configuration on Flutterwave Dashboard.

  3. Configure the rest of the options to your liking.


    If you choose to allow saving payment methods, it is recommended to only enable card payments from Flutterwave dashboard, as only cards can be saved as payment tokens. To do so, go to your Flutterwave Dashboard and then to Settings ‣ Account Settings.

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