Performance monitoring

Odoo integrates a variety of tools to analyze and improve the performance of your eCommerce website.

Performance analysis tools

Data monitoring

Website allows monitoring and analysis of the sales performance of your eCommerce. To access the reporting view, go to Website ‣ Reporting. This dashboard helps you monitor everything related to sales, such as sales performance per product, category, day, etc.

Performance reporting of eCommerce

By clicking Measures, you can select the type of measurement used, such as:

  • Margin;

  • Qty Invoiced;

  • Untaxed Total;

  • Volume;

Other options include multiple views (Pivot, etc.), comparison by periods or years, and directly insert in spreadsheet, etc.


It is possible to link your Odoo website with Google Analytics. To do so, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and scroll to the SEO section. Then, enter your ID in the Measurement ID field.

If you are still using Universal Analytics, it can directly be added by injecting the code in the HTML header and body using the website builder. All metrics from Google Analytics and Universal Analytics can be seen directly within Odoo.

Alternatively, Odoo offers the possibility to use another service, is a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. Everything can be managed directly in Odoo, there is no need to visit’s website to access your metrics.