Spanish chart of accounts

Several Spanish charts of accounts are available by default in Odoo:

  • PGCE PYMEs 2008

  • PGCE Completo 2008

  • PGCE Entitades

To choose the one you want, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, then select a package in the Fiscal localization section.


When you create a new Odoo Online database, the PGCE PYMEs 2008 is installed by default.


You can only change the accounting package as long as you have not created any accounting entry.

Spanish accounting reports

If the Spanish accounting localization is installed, you have access to accounting reports specific to Spain:

  • Balance Sheet

  • Tax Report (Modelo 111)

  • Tax Report (Modelo 115)

  • Tax Report (Modelo 303)

  • Tax Report (Modelo 347)

  • Tax Report (Modelo 349)