Connecting a payment terminal allows you to offer a fluid payment flow to your customers and ease the work of your cashiers.


  • Worldline payment terminals require an IoT Box.

  • Worldline is currently only available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  • Odoo is compatible with Worldline terminals that use the CTEP protocol (e.g., the Yomani XR and Yoximo terminals). If you have any doubts, contact your payment provider to ensure your terminal’s compatibility.


Connect an IoT Box

Connecting a Worldline Payment Terminal to Odoo is a feature that requires an IoT Box. For more information on how to connect one to your database, please refer to the IoT documentation.

Configure the protocol

From your terminal, click on “.” ‣ 3 ‣ stop ‣ 3 ‣ 0 ‣ 9. Enter the technician password “1235789” and click on OK ‣ 4 ‣ 2. Then, click on Change ‣ CTEP (as Protocole ECR) ‣ OK. Click on OK thrice on the subsequent screens (CTEP ticket ECR, ECR ticket width, and Character set). Finally, press Stop three times; the terminal automatically restarts.

Set the IP address

From your terminal, click on “.” ‣ 3 ‣ stop ‣ 3 ‣ 0 ‣ 9. Enter the technician password “1235789” and click on OK ‣ 4 ‣ 9. Then, click on Change ‣ TCP/IP (TCP physical configuration screen) ‣ OK ‣ OK (TCP Configuration client screen).

Finally, set up the hostname and port number.


To set up the hostname, enter your IoT box’s IP address’ sequence numbers and press OK at each “.” until you reach the colon symbol.
Then, press OK twice.


Here’s an IP address sequence:
On the Hostname screen, type 10 ‣ OK ‣ 30 ‣ OK ‣ 19 ‣ OK ‣ 4 ‣ OK ‣ OK.


Your IoT box’s IP address is available in your IoT Box application’s database.

Port number

On the Port number screen, enter 9001 (or 9050 for Windows) and click on OK (ECR protocol SSL no) ‣ OK. Click on Stop three times; the terminal automatically restarts.


For Windows IoT devices, it is necessary to add a firewall exception. Follow the additional instructions in the Windows IoT documentation to add the exception to Windows Firewall.

Configure the payment method

Enable the payment terminal in the application settings and create the related payment method. Set the journal type as Bank and select Worldline in the Use a Payment Terminal field. Then, select your terminal device in the Payment Terminal Device field.


Once the payment method is created, you can select it in your POS settings. To do so, go to the POS’ settings, click Edit, and add the payment method under the Payments section.


  • Technician password: 1235789

  • To reach Wordline’s technical assistance, call 02 727 61 11 and choose “merchant”. Your call is automatically transferred to the desired service.

  • Configure the cashier terminal if you have both a customer and a cashier terminal.

  • To avoid blocking the terminal, check the initial configuration beforehand.

  • Set a fixed IP to your IoT Box’s router to prevent losing the connexion.

Pay with a payment terminal

When processing a payment, select Worldline as payment method. Check the amount and click on Send. Once the payment is successful, the status changes to Payment Successful.

Once your payment is processed, the type of card used and the transaction ID appear on the payment record.



  • In case of connexion issues between Odoo and the payment terminal, force the payment by clicking on Force Done, which allows you to validate the order. This option is only available after receiving an error message informing you that the connection failed.

  • To cancel the payment request, click on cancel.