Unsplash is a recognized stock photography library integrated with Odoo.

If your database is hosted on Odoo Online, you can access Unsplash pictures without configuration.

If your database is hosted on Odoo.sh or on-premise, proceed as follows:

  1. To generate an Unsplash access key, create or sign in to an Unsplash account.

  2. Access your applications dashboard, click New Application, select all checkboxes, and click Accept terms.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter your Application Name, starting with the prefix Odoo: (e.g., Odoo: connection), so Unsplash recognizes it as an Odoo instance. Then, add a Description and click Create application.

  4. On the application details page, scroll down to the Keys section and copy the Access Key and Application ID.

  5. In Odoo, go to General Settings and enable the Unsplash Image Library feature. Then, enter the Unsplash Access Key and Application ID.


As a non-Odoo Online user, you are limited to a test key with a maximum of 50 Unsplash requests per hour.