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The Add to Cart button can be customized in multiple ways. You can:

  • Choose on which page customers go after clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button;

  • Hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button to prevent sales;

  • Add a ‘Buy Now’ button to skip the cart step and lead customers straight to checkout;

  • Create additional ‘Add to Cart / Buy Now’ buttons;

  • Add an ‘Order Again’ button to the customer portal.

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‘Add to Cart’ action customization

When customers click on the Add to Cart button, the product is added to their cart, and customers remain by default on the product’s page. However, customers can either immediately be redirected to their cart, or given the choice on what to do through a dialog box.

To change the default behavior, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. Under the Shop - Checkout Process section, look for Add to Cart and select one of the options.


If a product has optional products, the dialog box will always appear.

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Replace ‘Add to Cart’ button by ‘Contact Us’ button

You can replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with a ‘Contact Us’ button which redirects users to the URL of your choice.


Hiding the Add to Cart button is often used by B2B eCommerces that need to restrict purchases only to customers with an account, but still want to display an online product catalog for those without.

To do so, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Shop - Products and tick Prevent Sale of Zero Priced Product. This creates a new Button url field where you can enter the redirect URL to be used. Then, set the price of the product to 0.00 either from the product’s template, or from a pricelist.

Contact us button on product page


The ‘Contact Us’ button and ‘Not Available For Sale’ text can both be modified using the website builder on the product’s page (Edit ‣ Customize) by clicking on them.

Customizable ‘Add to Cart’ button

You can also create a customizable ‘Add to Cart’ button and link it to a specific product. The customized button can be added on any page of the website as an inner content building block, and is an additional button to the regular Add to Cart button.

To add it, go on the Shop page of your choice, click Edit ‣ Blocks and place the building block. Once placed, you have the following options:

  • Product: select the product to link the button with. Selecting a product renders the Action field available;

  • Action: choose if the button should Add to Cart or Buy Now (instant checkout).

Customizable 'Add to Cart' button

‘Buy Now’ button

You can enable the ‘Buy Now’ button to instantly take the customer to checkout instead of adding the product to the cart. The Buy Now button is an additional button and does not replace the Add to Cart button. To enable it, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Shop - Checkout Process and tick Buy Now.

Buy Now button

Re-order from portal

Customers have the possibility to re-order items from previous sales orders on the customer portal. To do so, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Shop - Checkout Process and enable Re-order From Portal. Customers can find the Order Again button on their sales order from the customer portal.

Re-order button