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Abranik Software Technology
Abranik Software Technology IT/Kommunikation
Abranik is a collective name for a group of experts specialized in the field of information technology services and accounting expert, we are registered as a software technology company under the name Abranik Software Technology in 2019.
During the long journey of working in the field of information technology, we have dealt with various types of services and business management systems in addition to dealing with local and foreign companies and experts to improve our technologic skills, strengthen our employees abilities and John specialists in developing business flow in companies and government institutions.
Currently, we have a complete team of experts in the application of Odoo system for all companies and businesses including accounting, human resource management through industries, inventory, sales and purchases and online marketing.

We Have High Level Real Time Foreign Support & Advice From Odoo Company Management & Technical Team

Location: Salim Main Street | Sulaimani | Iraq
Al-Marafaa Company
Al-Marafaa Company IT/Kommunikation
Marafaa Company LTD, provides a full range of ICT Solutions. The purpose of its establishment is to contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy and create jobs and achieve profitability in investment in the field of electronics, computers and public services trade and on different kinds.
AlSaqi for E-Payment Services
AlSaqi for E-Payment Services IT/Kommunikation
شركة الساقي لخدمات الدفع الالكتروني
AL-SAQI for e-payment Services

info@alsaqi.iq الموقع قيد التصميم .. يمكنكم التواصل عبر البريد الإلكتروني

Website under construction .. contact us on info@alsaqi.iq
Awal Telecom
Awal Telecom IT/Kommunikation
AWAL provide outstanding ISP solutions to businesses throughout Iraq; today, AWAL bring to the fore a team of experts whose technical skills are balanced with strategic insight – for businesses that stay connected, consistently: without fail, exception or excuse.

AWAL is a business that has been built upon the skills and knowledge of their workforce. It is through thier team that we consistently deliver the standard of service that we’ve become known for, and an ever increasing client base.
I - Smart
I - Smart IT/Kommunikation
Home Automation System & Low Current Solutions.
Information Windows for Electronic Payment Services & IT Ltd.
Information Windows for Electronic Payment Services & IT Ltd. IT/Kommunikation
Information Windows Company is an Iraqi company registered in Iraq, and it provides information technology services to banks and institutions, processing and issuing electronic payment cards Visa and Master Card and holds a license to carry out the work of completing electronic payment projects from the Central Bank of Iraq No. (4) according to the law of the Central Bank of Iraqi. The company is licensed to implement and facilitate electronic payment work throughout Iraq and its scope of work includes: providing services to banks to issue prepaid cards through international payment companies, as well as providing various services to banks and facilitating the process of paying and collecting bills through the establishment of systems and reports.
NassTel IT/Kommunikation
Nasstel Telecom Services & Distribution is the telecom arm of KAVIN GROUP which has been established in 2006 to be the leading investment corporation in Iraq for main domains, Properties Development, Construction, Project Management and General Trading.

KAVIN GROUP is playing a vital role in developing all aspect of Iraq economy, and the investment in Nasstel came as a part of KAVIN social responsibility to enrich the communication experience of Iraqi community.
Onyxes Technologies
Onyxes Technologies IT/Kommunikation
ONYXES was established in 2011. At the time, the company was known by its original name, “Al-Jareed”.

Many years of never-ending hard-work, over 200 successfully completed projects and numerous satisfied clients later, today, the company is one of the leading IT services and solutions provider in the Middle East.

The company has employed more than 100 engineers and thinkers who hail from more than seven nationalities. By keeping up with the latest technological trends and using the most sophisticated modern tools and technologies, ONYXES always delivers nothing but the best possible solutions.
Sana Earthlink
Sana Earthlink IT/Kommunikation
SANA, a sister company for EarthLink, is taking the headache out of your internet connection. Whether you need high-speed internet access, secure premium email, web hosting, or security tools, we’ve got you covered. We know the great internet — because we helped build it.

SANA is a construction company that provides many projects to build FTTH cables and connections
Shams Telecom
Shams Telecom IT/Kommunikation
Shams Telecom is one of the fastest-growing Information Technology providers in Iraq. Our company is specialized in providing Information Technology, Network Solutions, and Internet Services. Shams Telecom was built up by young and ambitious Iraqi professionals who possess vast experiences and have delivered honorable projects. Shams Telecom, currently, covers the entire Iraqi capital, plus several other Iraqi provinces with Internet services either directly by our company or through our agents or the Iraqi Ministry of Communications fiber optic infrastructure network.
Super Cell
Super Cell IT/Kommunikation
By the end of 2021, SuperCell have been awarded to build, operate, and manage the FTTx network infrastructure for Karkh part of the Iraqi capital (Baghdad), this project is to establish the FTTx network infrastructure on behalf of ITPC, the exective company of Ministry of Communication.

Partnership agreement with MOC for Installation, Operation, Marketing and Maintenance for the Optical Fiber Networks (FTTH) in Baghdad / Al-Karkh district. Own a set of repeater stations which have – already – optical fiber feeding cables.
Uruk Engineering Services Co. Ltd.
Uruk Engineering Services Co. Ltd. IT/Kommunikation
Uruk is leading IT Solutions provider based in Iraq, with head office in Baghdad and branch offices in Erbil and Basra, we are covering all major cities of Iraq.

We provide wide range of software and hardware solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, from SMB to Enterprise.
WenkGPS IT/Kommunikation
Wenk is a sophisticated and a wonderful system designed to track vehicles or professional people live moment by moment, or select the previous tracks, places and periods of downtime on a map as well as many other advantages. It works on the system (GPS) to determine the global geographical location by satellite. 10 years of planning and success. Lower operating costs. Improved productivity. Speed of delivery of services. Isolate the human factor for the monitoring process. Increased safety. +1000 Customers. +15000 Connected Units. Customers are the core of our business.

Wenk GPS is a subsidiary of Integrated Solutions company, with branches in Erbil and Basra, headquartered in Al Saadoon Street, Baghdad – IRAQ.
Yana Banking Service
Yana Banking Service IT/Kommunikation
YANA Banking Service

Yana Banking Services has swiftly improved to become one of the leading payment service providers, presenting our clients with advanced payment technology and professional services, YBS offers a Complete solution for electronic payment business dimensions serving the financial, government and merchant communities across the country, and YBS is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq to process and manage any card (debit, credit card, pre-paid) transaction, issuing and acquiring.
مدى الفضاء
مدى الفضاء IT/Kommunikation
we are a company work in the FTTH as a Internet provider