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E-Sustavi doo
E-Sustavi doo IT/Kommunikation
Službeni Odoo Enterprise partner za Republiku Hrvatsku
e-Sustavi d.o.o. je hrvatska IT tvrtka, osnovana 2008. godine specijalizirana za uvođenje i integraciju suvremenih i modernih programskih rješenja za poslovanje.
Naše usluge i rješenja omogućavaju tvrtkama digitalizaciju svih svojih poslovnih procesa sa kompletnim lokaliziranim IT rješenjima za poslovanje u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu.
Development, implementation, optimization and support of business solutions. Together with our partners, we will introduce you the latest ICT technology solutions to your business and provide tools for undisturbed growth and development.
MEGATREND REDOK d.o.o. IT/Kommunikation
Omnizon Networks offers a quick, safe and simple electronic data interchange service that saves time and money, along with increasing productivity. However, we want to be more than just intermediaries in the whole process. The backbone of our brand is an active relationship with our clients and an innovative approach to developing new products and services.
We always seek out simple solutions which will motivate our clients; make them faster, better and stronger in the things they do best. Omnizon Networks helps you make the impossible possible.