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Amaroo Solutions Limited
Amaroo Solutions Limited IT/Kommunikation
Amaroo Solutions is different from your regular software provider/IT Company.

We understand how businesses work and the challenges they face every day. Combined with an in-depth knowledge of ERP software we appreciate the importance and impact a well implemented solution can have on your business.

Amaroo differentiates and prides itself by getting to know you and how your business operates, understanding your needs and offering a down to earth and understandable approach to working with you to find the best solution, not only for the current issues, but for your requirements for the future.

Amaroo Solutions was founded, and is run, by Jeremy Ingram, who, after 10 years working within retail and hospitality software moved on to a global manufacturing company as Sales and IT Director and then General Manager. This experience has given him a vast knowledge of different industries and the challenges they face. When he discovered Odoo for himself, he was so Impressed by the solution and its flexibility for solving many different problems that he decided to share it and setup Amaroo Solutions. Our ethos is to ensure businesses have the tools and systems to deliver high quality information to the right people at the right time for their business to thrive and focus on the things it is best at.

Call us on 01453 497 076 to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.
Cardwave Services Ltd
Cardwave Services Ltd IT/Kommunikation
Cardwave is an expert in flash memory storage products for specialist applications in the automotive, industrial, IoT, and many other sectors.
Civil and Structural Computer Services Ltd
Civil and Structural Computer Services Ltd IT/Kommunikation
Civil and Structure Computer Services Ltd offers specialised computer services tailored to the civil and structural engineering sector. They provide software solutions, 3D modelling, simulation, and analysis services to assist engineers in designing and analysing structures, infrastructure projects, and architectural designs.
Cloud Controlled
Cloud Controlled IT/Kommunikation
CloudControlled was started in 2016 by Mark Salisbury, mainly as a platform for providing really great business-grade internet connections in Oxfordshire. When two clients needed security and wireless and switching, he immediately turned to the Cisco Meraki equipment, vowing that, if the company was going to offer hardware, they would only provide the best – and that, for them, was Meraki.

Their online store was the logical progression and is dedicated to Cisco Meraki and will only sell Meraki hardware and licenses. They also strive to provide the best pricing in the UK for some of the best and easiest to manage wi-fi, security, switching products available. Each order is fulfilled directly by Meraki themselves.

Browsing the website allows prospects to research the equipment, reach out for advice, organise a free trial of Meraki for their business, get a demo, a quote or purchase.
Eskan Electronics Limited
Eskan Electronics Limited IT/Kommunikation
Eskan provide advanced solutions to increase local and international security, and to reduce the risks of disruption to peaceful existence posed by criminals and terrorists.
FreedomTech Solution
FreedomTech Solution IT/Kommunikation
Welcome to Freedomtech Solutions, a renowned System Integrator dedicated to providing exceptional global solutions and services to our valued clients. We firmly believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to give your business a competitive edge within your industry. As technology rapidly evolves, you can trust us to navigate the complexities of your digital transformation journey and ensure its success.

Imel IT/Kommunikation
IMEL is the UK’s premier provider of livestock mart advertising. It is the only company in the UK which offers display advertising in ALL the agricultural markets. IMEL specialises in large format posters and signage in prominent positions throughout these marts.
Innovato IT/Kommunikation
With many years experience as a small business owner in both international trade & domestic distribution and retail, this experience has created the knowledge base to
provide small businesses with innovative products, services, IT solutions, inc Google Suite implementation & web hosting services.

We aim to develop a close working partnership with clients to help them optimise and grow their business.

As long time evangelist for cloud technology and the benefits of integrated solutions, the evolving platform offered by Odoo is unique.
Local Pages
Local Pages IT/Kommunikation
Local Pages found Odoo to be a great replacement for their old system and have gone from strength to strength by collaborating a bespoke module with Odoo’s standard applications to form a solution that perfectly answers their business needs.
Nationwide Telephone Assistance Ltd.
Nationwide Telephone Assistance Ltd. IT/Kommunikation
The Hosted Telephony Platform from NTA is one of the most feature-powerful, margin-driven products you could have in your armoury today. Our service is all about you, your portal 100% white-labelled and your own sub-domain for logging into the portal.

Our web portal offers you and your customers complete control of their telephony and if you ever need to change the way things work or add a new extension for a new employee, it can all be done at the click of a mouse.

The NTA solution comes with a huge array of features as standard - these features will hugely benefit your customers and add real value to their businesses!
Newbury Digital
Newbury Digital IT/Kommunikation
Newbury Digital have taken their system to a whole new level by embracing the many opportunities that Odoo can create for businesses and utilising features from scaling up to prototyping to name a few.
Personalised Nation are a growing print and signage company based in Cannock. They were using many digital automation systems including Xero, pipedrive and mailchimp to make their processes efficient. They were finding it increasingly frustrating that the systems didn't talk to each other and that double data entry was often the only solution. They approached Sapentia as they wanted a smooth workflow and one system to access to manage their CRM, email marketing, pipeline, quotes and project management.
PODIA.WORK LTD IT/Kommunikation
At Podia, we believe remote shouldn’t mean removed.
We create high performance workspaces that take your work to another level - whether you’re managing a remote global workforce, enhancing an office space or upgrading a home office.

We bring together premium technology, stylish furniture and supportive employee wellbeing content so everyone can thrive in work and life.

Create better connections and build better relationships with the ultimate workspaces and a powerful remote team management service. All at your fingertips.
Delivered. Installed. Configured. Supported. We do it all.
Sapentia, Fresh Ground Consultancy Limited T/A SAPENTIA
Sapentia, Fresh Ground Consultancy Limited T/A SAPENTIA IT/Kommunikation
Sapentia. Yes we, of course, utilise Odoo for all of our business management. We love Odoo and know how to use the system just how you will! We practice what we preach.
SecureFlag Limited
SecureFlag Limited IT/Kommunikation

Old-fashioned Secure Coding training programs with multiple-choice quizzes, boring slideshows and bland videos can be described in one word – ineffective! Today’s expanding threat landscape requires secure coding practices and developers who can stay ahead of threats. And this requires hands-on practice, not boring theory; and practical, modern examples, not examples that were relevant 20 years ago.

With our fully-customizable and affordable Secure Coding training platform, SecureFlag provides a powerful yet user-friendly way for enterprises to strengthen their secure coding practices. Developers learn secure coding at their own pace with updated examples and hands-on practice that improves their competency and prepares the organization to confidently achieve its business goals.
Skyrora IT/Kommunikation
Skyrora designs, manufactures, and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access space. Headquartered in Edinburgh with facilities located across Europe, Skyrora are developing launch vehicle technology to ensure that the life-changing benefits of space are realised here on Earth.

In Odoo the company has set up full management accounting, purchases are controlled and approved, also human resources management is kept.