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Abranik Software Technology
Abranik Software Technology
Overview: Apranik Technology Group embodies a rich legacy of achievements, shaped by a team of skilled professionals in the field of computer services, spanning from 1994 to the present day. What began as a modest office dedicated to retail, repair, and provision of computers has evolved into a multifaceted organization offering comprehensive training courses on computer systems.
- 2000: Sat Center for Internet Services In the year 2000, a pivotal chapter unfolded with the inception of Sat Center for Internet Services. This venture, strategically located on Salim Street, operated in parallel with Rozh Computer Center, marking a phase of sustained growth and expansion.
- 2009: Rozhtech Apple Services A significant milestone in 2009 involved elevating operational standards by rebranding Rozh Computer Center to Rozhtech Apple Services, complemented by Microsoft Services. This strategic move aligned with evolving client demands and market trends, especially in the realm of Apple products.
- 2014: Establishment of Rozh Soft In response to global developments and a commitment to technological advancement, a fundamental shift occurred in 2014. Operations transitioned to specialized Information Technology services, leading to the establishment of Rozh Soft. The company focuses on providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for diverse sectors, encompassing commercial, medical, scientific, educational, industrial, and personal domains. The proprietary RBMS (Rozhsoft Business Management System) was developed, drawing upon international resources.
- 2016: Pioneering Odoo ERP Implementation 2016 marked a new era as Apranik pioneered the implementation of the Odoo ERP system for the first time in Iraq, collaborating with Aral Odoo Partner. Subsequently, in 2017, the company secured authorization to operate as agents of Odoo ERP, solidifying commitment to delivering cutting-edge enterprise resource planning solutions.
- 2019: Apranik Software Technology Responding to flourishing business and an expanding clientele, Apranik Technology Group underwent a strategic evolution in 2019. Apranik Software Technology was established as a dedicated entity in the realm of software technology. Authorization from Odoo Company led to official recognition as the exclusive partner of Odoo in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. Presently, the company serves 560 active enterprise users and has successfully developed over 30 applications tailored for diverse industries, including hospitals, gas stations, factories, real estate agencies, transportation companies, distribution agencies, hotels, residency compounds, and tourism companies.
This profile underscores Apranik Technology Group's commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and technological excellence.
Location: Beside Khasrawkhal Overpass | Salim Main Street | Sulaimani | Iraq
Al Fajer Group
Al Fajer Group
Welcome to FAJER Ur Group, a distinguished leader in Iraq's Oil & Gas sector. Established in 2009, our company has been at the forefront of Infrastructure projects, specializing in Electrical and Instrument construction, CCTV and IT projects, and renewable energy solutions. FAJER Ur proudly serves as the primary contractor for esteemed international oil companies, such as BP, operating in the prolific RUMAILA oil field.
Over the years, FAJER Ur has consistently delivered excellence, offering comprehensive services that encompass
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management for a wide array of projects. Our portfolio showcases
a diverse range of achievements, including the successful installation of Solar power systems, the implementation of Explosion-proof and thermal Flare monitoring systems, and the construction of Degassing Stations Power
enhancement systems, among others.
Moreover, we have established ourselves as the premier supplier of choice for internationally recognized vendors like PELCO, BOSCH, LUMASENSE, LENEL, Victron, IPS, and UK Soul. Our commitment to quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Energy Efficiency (HSEE), and adherence to international standards is evident in every phase of our project lifecycle.
Whether you seek Construction expertise, IT solutions, CCTV installations, or Solar Power systems, Fajer Ur Group guarantees to not only meet but surpass your requi rements. With our unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions, we are your trusted partner for success. At Fajer Ur Group, we turn visions into realities and set new standards in the industry
HalaSat FTTH
Hala Al-Rafidain is a leading broadband service provider in Iraq founded in 2003 that focuses on leveraging technological advances in telecommunication to deliver agile, innovative, and cost-effective internet service for both B2B and B2C clients. Hala Al-Rafidain chose to branch out into a new business line that focuses on the use of fiber optic technology to supply broadband services, resulting in the formation of HalaFTTH.
The company is proud of its unique story and extraordinary growth which has further cemented its place amongst Iraq’s most accomplished and esteemed privately-held multi-sector businesses. With its passion for contributing to the development of Iraq, Hala Al Rafidain Telecom continues to explore business sectors which are critical to life and living in the country as evidenced in its phenomenally successful participation in the business. In anticipation of its growth trajectory and positioning for the future, Hala Al Rafidain Telecom was incorporated all business concerns under one umbrella. Today, having structured and streamlined its portfolio of products and services as part of its long-term strategy. Hala Al Rafidain Telecom is primarily focused on acquiring and managing strategic businesses that create long term shareholder returns and socio-economic impact. Hala Al Rafidain Telecom is a diversified conglomerate in Baghdad, Iraq with an exceptional reputation for ethical and progressive business practices. Having employed the services of international technical consultants as well as indigenous experts with a high level of competency in the field of engineering, Hala Al Rafidain Telecom entities owe their smooth and efficient operations to these individuals and teams who continue to foster a strong maintenance culture at the fields of business whilst delivering major turnkey overhauls and intermediate maintenance assiduously, and at appropriate times. With its rising profile in the Iraqi market, Hala Al Rafidain Telecom continues to break new ground in the area of Telecom and Internet Service Providing its crop of seasoned in-house experts with exceptional track records, the company looks set to become a leading and professional firm in Iraq. With its strong technical resources and well-established consulting expertise, Hala Al Rafidain Telecom was able to gain a foothold in the business sector – a critical launching pad for its ambition of owning and operating oilfields in the country, in addition to decades of remarkable success stories in the fields of technologies and engineering projects.