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Inki.Tech Mobile
Inki.Tech Mobile IT/Kommunikation
INKI was founded on the belief that device-as-a-service is the right model for the new generation of agile, efficient, environmentally-conscious businesses.
Mandy Foods is one of the largest local canned food manufacturers, with 10 product lines totaling 70 products. Since 2000, the company's mission has been to provide quality food, tasty and nutritious and to keep this promise, investments in technology have always been a priority.
Metro Systems Romania
Metro Systems Romania IT/Kommunikation
Innovation, performance and complete information technology (IT) services in international retail trade - all offered by METRO SYSTEMS Romania, both globally and tailored to the individual local needs of all METRO Cash & Carry sales lines in 26 countries in Europe and Asia.
METRO SYSTEMS Romania develops specific solutions and products along the full value chain and provides a powerful IT infrastructure with a team of over 900 professionals in the country. Together with METRONOM (Germany), the company represents the tech division of METRO Group.
Everything is personal. Even in business.

Dare Digital is the first Romanian advertising ecosystem that gathers integrated digital communication experts that develop strategically developed projects for local and international brands.

Dare Digital consists of an integrated team of pragmatic visionary specialists that transfer the business concept innovation to each creative approach to communication and campaigns.
S.C. Media Young S.R.L.
S.C. Media Young S.R.L. IT/Kommunikation
Young - ready to help with large format prints. At the top of the print chain, for all kinds of visual predators. From megalomanic advertisers down to quirky creatives.
SC UTILBEN SRL IT/Kommunikation
UTILBEN is the main quality heavy machinery importer in Romania, new and second hand. The company mission is to bring into the Romanian market superior quality and performance second hand heavy machinery helping small and medium sized businesses.
SOSTENIA S.R.L. IT/Kommunikation
Sostenia is a specialized software company, focused on enhancing business processes through Digital Transformation. As an Odoo Gold Partner we were honored with the Best Starter Europe award in 2022. With a high level of expertise and successful digitalization projects, we offer End-to-End implementation, Business Consultancy for companies of every size or complexity and Process Automation. Our solution portofolio has only top partners:
*Odoo and SAP ERP Systems
*UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
*DRUID Intelligent ChatBots
*ContentSpeed Ecommerce platform
*in-house software development tailored on the clients’ own requirements, such as CRM, TMS, DMS, SKU, WS and BI.
In our projects we were able to successfully integrate Odoo ERP with UiPath Software Robots and DRUID Intelligent ChatBots, creating an automated workflow for our clients.
THEN X | truly @ your service!. Cea mai variata gama de piese si aparatura dedicata SERVICE GSM. Preturi speciale pentru volum. Livrare imediata din stoc.
Sampa Mind Com SRL
Sampa Mind Com SRL IT/Kommunikation
Odoo / SAP integrator. Software house.
Our company is an experienced business solutions provider having in depth knowledge of customer processes and business best practices.
Our consultants led, for a decade, the #1 SAP partner in Romania, having been through more than 100 implementation projects.
Sampa Mind portfolio includes:
- Odoo consulting, integration, implementation services for SME's
- SAP consulting, integration, implementation services for large companies
- Own software solutions for medium-large companies
Soline Distribution SRL
Soline Distribution SRL IT/Kommunikation
Soline Marketplace is an online sales channel with acces to over 1 million unique users. If you have an online shop, Soline Marketplace offers you a platform where you can manage the entire shopping experience for your clients: product listing, administration and shipping.
Spearhead Systems
Spearhead Systems IT/Kommunikation
Spearhead Systems is at the forefront of consulting, technology services and digital transformation with a focus on high performance. Highly specialized in the delivery of IT infrastructure & application monitoring as well as cloud computing services to customers all over the globe, Spearhead Systems is a trusted technology partner in the ever evolving world of cloud and digital platforms.
In 2017 Spearhead Systems added to the portfolio of services and the provision of a Romanian public cloud service, in order to respond to the market trends that are heading towards a direction of digitization and complete outsourcing of the IT needs of the companies. The cloud service implemented by Spearhead Systems aims to provide hosting services for the virtual IT infrastructure, using innovative technologies, which allow to achieve a higher performance with less resources.
For more information, visit www.spearhead.cloud
Tech Box SRL
Tech Box SRL IT/Kommunikation
Tech Box

Choosing the right product could prove difficult considering the overwhelming available versions of apparently similar products. Tech Box takes advantage of the innovative futures of different manufacturers, combines them with a perfect logistic and competitive price policy, and integrates everything with specialists from each domain.

We are a flexible company specialized in commercial and industrial automation solutions. Tech Box keeps a keen eye on developing technologies, while also being mindful of stability and reliability, so that our clients can use our expertise to achieve complete and personalized solutions "out of the box". Out of the Tech Box.
Total Technologies SRL, Giani Iancu
Total Technologies SRL, Giani Iancu IT/Kommunikation
We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve workers life, from Manufacturing, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Supply Chain through ADC(automatic data collection), AMR's (Autonomous Mobile Robots), RFID or Voice Technology. We build great digital solutions to solve your business problems. Our solutions and services are designed form small to medium sizes companies or large enterprises willing to optimize their performance.
YUME Coffee Roasters
YUME Coffee Roasters IT/Kommunikation
Yume Coffee Roasters, produces freshly roasted, artisanal specialty coffee. We provided assistance with on premise hosting, as well as training sessions and technical support.