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Flintelli Technologies
Flintelli Technologies
Flintelli Technologies, headquartered in Cochin, positions itself strategically to serve a diverse clientele spanning the Middle Eastern, African, and European regions. With a wealth of expertise, Flintelli Technologies adeptly offers solutions that span the gamut from small static websites to full-scale office automation systems, tailored to meet the unique requirements of clients within these interconnected markets. Employing a comprehensive approach that encompasses strategic planning through meticulous implementation, Flintelli Technologies is dedicated to delivering transformative technological solutions that optimize efficiency, streamline business operations, and foster growth. As a firm believer in the potential of information technology, Flintelli Technologies is committed to assisting organizations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Europe in harnessing its capabilities to attain outstanding business outcomes. This commitment is evident in Flintelli Technologies’s strategic perspective, which analyzes IT challenges within the broader panorama of our clients' global business landscape.

Kuwait Protocol, an authorized collaborator of Odoo, supported them by conducting a comprehensive assessment of their operations to pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.

We effectively oversaw Finance and Accounting, Sales, Discuss, and HR functions, seamlessly integrating Odoo version 16. Furthermore, we implemented supplementary security measures to guarantee the safety of their data.