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BINNI SH.P.K Fertigung
Binni Corporation is the biggest company in Kosovo for wood processing, sofa production, aluminum windows and doors. With four salons, 300+ employees and armed with the latest technology for their industry they are a leader in their market and a standard setter.

They journey has started before 31 years and during the road they have maintained to grow the company through a collaborative Leadership and technology advancements. As we now Kosovo has suffered a brutal war condition during 1999 but with resilience and patience, they have managed to stay strong and pass every obstacle along the way.

Zero has had intense support and help from their directive team to understand their processes and become part of their daily operations. A massive factory, exceptionally clean and well organized is one of the first things that we have seen when we started the project. Everyone dedicated toward a mission that has one word: QUALITY.

Their obsession with details made us understand their approach and the need to put everything in control with Odoo regarding all their administrative operations. A challenge, a risk but in the end of the day a unique project for all of us.

We are happy to be along them during their journey in Odoo and support as they grow day by day for a region company that server all around Europe.