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Bra Pro Ltd.
Bra Pro Ltd. Fertigung
Bra Pro Ltd. adalah salah satu pemasok pakaian intim wanita terkemuka. Ekspansi dan ekspor global yang terstruktur ke banyak negara di seluruh dunia dan memasok outlet ritel utama di AS, Eropa, Kanada, Australia, Jepang, dll.
PT Boyang Industrial
PT Boyang Industrial Fertigung
PT Boyang Industrial is a large company in Indonesia that produces wigs and has been exported to various countries, one of which is America.

To support PT Boyang Industrial, ERPIndonesia developed a special module called BZONE, which is an IT Inventory module for Bonded Zone companies including Custom Traceability Module Implementation, Mandatory Reports, Master Data, Details of Raw Material Warehouse, Production Warehouse, Finished Goods Warehouse, Scrap Warehouse, Details Manufacturing 2 Routing and 2 Work Centers.
PT Geomed Indonesia
PT Geomed Indonesia Fertigung
GEOMED® Medizin-Technik is based in Tuttlingen, Germany, the world-famous center of surgical and dental instruments. GEOMED® Medizin-Technik has been developing and manufacturing high-quality surgical and dental instruments for more than 95 years.
PT Implora Sukses Abadi
PT Implora Sukses Abadi Fertigung
The ‘Implora' brand is one of the cosmetic companies in the beauty industry located in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. The company's target is for the domestic market distribution. This company categorizes the system of production into two production chains, that is the basis of production perfumes and dekoratif. Implora successful perennial continues to grow and well-developed their increase production to the extension of territory, considering the potential and development of the world of the refined beauty of Indonesia in the city is in rapid growth.
PT Mensa Binasukses
PT Mensa Binasukses Fertigung
Mensa Group is a healthcare product distribution company. We provide distribution services to our principals who manufacture and market their products in Indonesia. MBS distribution services include: Distribute to pharmacists, drug-store, department store, hypermarket and supermarket, hospitals, laboratory, and general trade.
PT Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI)
PT Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI) Fertigung
PT Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI), located in Cilegon City, Banten Province, Indonesia, produces Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin under the license of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. The company is currently Indonesia's largest producer of PTA.
PT Patec Presisi Engineering
PT Patec Presisi Engineering Fertigung
Established in 1997, PT Patec Presisi Engineering has became the leading engineering solution for metal forming process. Located in Delta Silicon Industrial Park with more than 10,000 m2 of production space and supported by more than 300 employees, we strive to be one-stop supplier of reliable high quality metal components, especially in the automotive sector for two wheels and four wheels.
PT Poliprima Cipta Unggul
PT Poliprima Cipta Unggul Fertigung
PT Poliprima Cipta Unggul is a manufacturing company specializing in plastic injection products. The core product portfolio consists of helmet parts, ready-to-wear helmets and industrial pails. Additionally, they receive plastic injection services, making molds, CNC, EDM, wire cut.
PT S2dio Industries
PT S2dio Industries Fertigung
S2dio Industries is a timber furniture producer founded in 2002. From originally a small timber furniture manufacturer, S2dio has grown into an internationally recognised designer furniture manufacturer with offices in Australia, Indonesia and Europe. S2dio focus on creating and designing garden furniture at reasonable price without compromising its quality.
PT SAS Kreasindo Utama
PT SAS Kreasindo Utama Fertigung
PT SAS Kreasindo Utama is one of Indonesia's leading wood furniture manufacturers. They sell wood products all over the world. The company's factory is in Jawa Tenga, where over 1000 employees work to produce high-quality products.
PT Teksian Manindo
PT Teksian Manindo Fertigung
"PT Teksian Manindo is a manufacturer of aerosol, liquid, cream, and powder products. PT Teksian Manindo, founded in Indonesia in 2000, has served multinational and local companies by manufacturing their brands ranging from personal care, household care & sanitary, automotive, home insecticide, industrial maintenance & support, or veterinary products.
PT. Advics Indonesia
PT. Advics Indonesia Fertigung

Advics Manufacturing Indonesia is a subsidiary of Advics Global based in Japan with the main business of producing Automotive Brake Systems. Advics was established in 2014 and is incorporated in the Aisin Group & Astra Otoparts Group, located at KIIC Karawang.
PT. Buana
PT. Buana Fertigung
We help the client ( Manufacture Shoes ) to handle his 600 branches with 1000+ Sales Person Girls throughout Indonesia which consist of consignment with the largest retail in Indonesia like Matahari Department Store, Ramayana Department Stores, Gramedia, Trans Retail, Tokopedia, Lazada, Lotte, Shopee, Bukalapak and so on. The complexity happens when they need to handle the sales, stock and even invoicing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with those many branches, warehouse, and employees.
PT. Daese Garmin
PT. Daese Garmin Fertigung
Daese Garmin is a clothing manufacturing company based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. They specialize in men's suits and are widely regarded as the first and best men's suit manufacturer in Indonesia. Men's coats and vests are also available.
PT. Halden Pasifik Makmur
PT. Halden Pasifik Makmur Fertigung
Wahana Tirta Milenia(WTM) is a manufacturer of bottle drinking water in Batam Island, Indonesia with the trademark "Mindy, FREZON and ASMI."
Halden Pasifik Makmur is distribution and Retail company for bottle drinking water in Batam.

Since 1st January 2015, PT WTM is acquired by TWE Singapore Pte Ltd(now HALDEN UNITED INVESTMENT Pte Ltd), a Singaporean company with various portfolio in packaged food and beverages. Ever since the takeover, PT WTM has been revitalizing many aspects in order to improve the quality and refresh Mindy brand in Batam consumer's mind.