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Asfir Technologies Ltd
Asfir Technologies Ltd Fertigung
Asfir 4X4 was founded in 1986, as a small automotive seating repair business, over time, the company advanced to production of unique seats for SUV’s and trucks. Today, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced 4X4 off-road vehicles accessories in the following categories: Dedicated seats, Aluminum skid plates, front & rear bumpers, side steps, utility racks & tow bars.
EVR Motors
EVR Motors Fertigung
A team of innovators, business leaders and engineering experts..
Creating benchmarking motors that will make EVs more effective and accessible
Life buoy
Life buoy Fertigung
A revolutionary lifebuoy warning system, for a safer pool.
The Print House
The Print House Fertigung
A photography workshop that was founded with the mission of creating a unique and professional service that provides a myriad of solutions to the process of producing galleries and projects in the field of art and photography. The workshop provides a variety of different services for the customers' different needs, all while maintaining a high standard and quality of production. The print house Import and hand pick the best and most fitting materials , and use them with the most advanced and professional technological equipment in the field.
Trellidor Fertigung
Trellidor is an international company and market leader in Israel and around the world.
The Trellidor Group was established in 1991 by Henry Zimmerman, Hagai Damati and Malachi Damati, who continue to manage the company today. The primary focus of the Group’s work is the manufacture of steel and aluminum building elements. Over 1000 different products are manufactured daily, customized to the unique requirements of every client. The products are marketed to customers in Israel and worldwide.
Our state-of-the-art plant, located on a 7 acre plot in the northern town of Carmiel, is controlled by ERP technology especially developed by us, using the most advanced, sophisticated equipment available.
The Trellidor Group comprises 600 employees in different locations in Israel and other countries, with a logistics center at Yehud, in the center of Israel, and branches and warehouses in Beer Sheva in the south and Carmiel in the north.
Trellidor also has a plant in Los Angeles, USA, making our top-or-the-range aluminum products now available to US residents.
The Trellidor Group marketing personnel in Germany, Greece, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine and Russia.