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Assaf Design
Assaf Design Fertigung
About: Assaf Design distributes PVC panels, Wall stickers, Vinyl stickers for the floor and Gypsum board

Challenges: In view of the increasing market need for Assaf Design products, digital transformation has
become a need for continuity and growth in this industry

Solutions: Odoo Website integrated with Odoo CRM is the first step to deal with this transformation
Bano Trading Sal
Bano Trading Sal Fertigung
Founded in 1995, Bano has placed itself on the market of supplying innovative products of raw materials, utensils and machinery for the industries of Chocolate, Bakery, Pastry, Ice cream and Horeca with the vision of supplying only under the name of quality.

The Challenge: Bano allied with Puratos, a Belgium based company in order to expand into new markets in the MENA. It required them to have a unified system and aligned with Puratos.

ATSON helped Bano Trading via analyzing existing processes for Bano Lebanon, gather requirements from Puratos Belgium and provide a solution blueprints that implements both parties requirements.

Then ATSON implemented the solution in all the MENA region and in two countries in Africa and providing after go live support and maintenance.
Batec Fertigung
We are one of the largest and full line fabricator and supplier of Gypsum powder and Gypsum boards products.

With a normal production capacity reaching up to 10 million M2 for Gypsum boards products and in excess of 350.000 tons of Gypsum powder.
Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL
Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL Fertigung
Industry: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail
Products: Chocolate
Website: https://crumblelb.com/

Crumble is a leading chocolate manufacturing company in Lebanon and the region. Plennix Technologies implemented a tailored Odoo solution to manage the company’s operation and to improve its services and quality. The solution included a localized Lebanese accounting for a clear finance analysis, HR for the employee’s management, Lebanese payroll to manage salaries and track contracts including MOF and NSSF reports, helpdesk for customer support, in addition to sales, purchase, inventory and manufacturing modules. The Lebanese accounting system helped Crumble team to manage the multi-rates and to apply exchange rates in its invoices, credit notes, bills, refunds, and payments. The system helped in computing gain and loss when applying the different rates while the converted USD amount was reflected in the journal entries and financial reports. With this new initiative, Crumble team was able to better and more accurately track costs, improve inventory traceability and increase visibility.

Everdeal Fertigung
EVERDEAL is a new brand owner & multinational company that offers credible products and services. Every product or service launched by EVERDEAL is produced with the highest quality, based on careful consumer insights and priced very competitively.

Website: http://www.everdealint.com

Business Case:

Analyb implemented Odoo to automate the full operation process including Supply Chain, Sales and Accounting. As part of the implementation Analyb relied on Odoo Studio to customize customer setup including Dual Currency customization and Document Printing addressing local regulation.
Global Medcare Network
Global Medcare Network Fertigung
Global MedCare Network (GMCN) operating from its headquarters in Lebanon is established to serve the market in the medical domain by providing high quality products, technical and after sales services in the field of medical engineering.
JANA LTD Fertigung
Jana is a fully fledged factory that covers several diversified production lines. Jana manufactures threads and textiles, and makes apparels.
EBTECH implemented Odoo ERP for three of Jana’s main activities (knitting, dyeing, and sewing) including manufacturing, quality assurance, accounting, costing, inventory, sales, purchasing, POS, and HR.
Kamaplast sarl
Kamaplast sarl Fertigung
Established in 1982 in Saida- Lebanon, Kamaplast is considered a leading plastic manufacturer in Lebanon producing widest range of plastic products, with the famous motto: “Sign of Quality” and a mission to become the #1 plastic manufacturer and distributor in the middle east; Kamaplast is a family business and the 3 rd generation started the journey of digital transformation for factory and Odoo Manufacturing was a perfect fit.

Their challenge:
Kamaplast had only a basic accounting software that lacked the concept of multi branches, warehouses and manufacturing. Thus, they had to do tons of manual work yet they couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand on their products.

Azkatech Customized Odoo for manufacturing of plastic and came up with a solution that allowed to:
- Step up their accounting operations to an international standard yet keep the Lebanese accounting practices like multi-currencies, manual exchange rate, postdated checks…
- Managed their stock accurately on top of Odoo Inventory, Odoo production and Odoo barcode
- Calculated more accurately their cost of manufactured products taking into account products recycle and reprocessing.
Kepler SARL
Kepler SARL Fertigung
Keplerwood designs and manufactures customized furniture with unique variety and hundreds of customization options. Customers can easily design their own rooms with a state of the art mobile app that uses augmented reality.
Liban Fibre SARL
Liban Fibre SARL Fertigung
Liban Fibre entered the realm of Fiber and Bedding Items industry in 2004 and quickly established itself as a pioneer in Lebanon and the region.

Under its main 2 brands castle industries and Liban Form the company introduced numerous top notch products to the Lebanese market and the region covering different categories from quilts, pillows, mattress Protectors, towels, uniforms to all kinds of fibers.

With its 12000 square meter factory located in Mkalles, Beirut, Liban Fibre has leveraged scales of production, combined with a towering reputation and flawless production record, to position itself as a major player on the frontier of its industry in Lebanon and the region.

The company serves its valuable customers by ensuring, first and foremost, that its products are superior in their quality, durability and affordability. Maintaining an optimized production line with cutting edge technology and professionally trained personnel, Liban Fibre is able to host an exemplary operation that aims to deliver and satisfy.

Established since 2003, MEPEQ are considered as a leading regional supplier of conveyor systems and packing machines, and the exclusive partner of world-class names in end-of-line production solutions.
Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L
Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L Fertigung
Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L sets itself apart through its diligent and systematic process to offer continuously superior quality. The core business thus follows a uniquely precise and efficient model and a meticulously selective refurbishment procedure. 
6 million+ cylinders, 1,000+ Employees, 4 ISO certifications, 24+ Years leading the industry, 4 factories
Following the strict standards and guidelines set by international certified bodies, the Sigma Cylinders manufacturing process is particularly exhaustive, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material and all the way to delivering its quality products.
Following the strict standards and guidelines set by international certifying bodies, the Sigma Cylinders refurbishment process is particularly exhaustive, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material and all the way through to delivering its quality products.
ERP Cloud implemented Odoo in the head office and main factory based in Lebanon, dealing with Lebanese accounting, manufacturing processes, inventory and warehousing management, various reporting’s.
Mimosa Sanitary Paper Co. SAL
Mimosa Sanitary Paper Co. SAL Fertigung
Founded in 1967, Sanitary Paper Company Mimosa carries on its activities in the Production, Converting and Marketing of Tissue Paper Products, Carton Corrugated Board, Craft Cardboards and Polyethylene Bags.
Modern Company for Glass Industries
Modern Company for Glass Industries Fertigung
The Modern Company for Glass Industries (MCGI) is a regional leader in glass containers manufacturing with a total production capacity of 90,000 tones/year.

We produce custom-designed glass containers (bottles and jars) in for a variety of industries including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Our consultancy division works closely with clients offering them advice and solutions to their production challenges, helping them increase their profitability and market share.

Our plant was founded in 2010 in Hasyaa Industrial Zone in the city of Homs. This strategic location, provides us with a logistical advantage, allowing us to be consistently reliable in serving our clients’ needs nationally and internationally.

Importers and merchants across the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa choose MCGI because of our cutting-edge facility, comprising the latest technologies in production and inspection machinery, guaranteeing clients the utmost quality.

The Modern Company for Glass Industries (MCGI) is ISO9001 certified. All our products enjoy top level of international quality standards. Our clients and agents cover a wide international area, exporting to the Middle East, The Gulf, North Africa and Europe.
Prima Fertigung
Since 2008, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing a wide variety
of household tissues and plastic consumables in Lebanon. Our brands, including Vera, Viola, Bluebell, Oster, Warda, and April offer a wide range of sanitary products that are essential for daily household care.
From facial tissues and toilet papers to sandwich bags, trash bags and
kitchen rolls, our products are designed to provide you comfort and
make your personal hygiene a top priority.
Technica International Sal
Technica International Sal Fertigung
A 6,600 meters squared factory with more than 200 employees; Technica International SAL –Founded by Tony Haddad provides automation and robotic solutions since in 1982. Technica delivers innovative, customized and high-quality solutions and turnkey lines, designed to satisfy the automation needs and the product handling of our customers, in order to improve their operation’s efficiency and to increase their production capacity.

Their Challenge: Technica didn’t have an integrated software program like the Odoo ERP, thus the communication between the different departments wasn’t that smooth which creates many challenges, adding to that its business processes weren’t automated which was a harder task if they want to improve their operation’s efficiency and production capacity which is why they needed the Odoo customization services.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: mapping the full ERP modules implementation to meet the needs of Technica on different levels. Azkatech, implemented, customized Odoo ERP modules and trained Technica on:

1- CRM and Sales through mapping the collected info into the ERP, implement different forms templates for proposals based on each case, apply the customization needed and the workflows, moreover training the sales team to efficiently use the CRM to maximize the benefits from Odoo.

2- Accounting by customizing the charts of accounts on a multi-company level and the reports requested for accounting and auditing, adding to that training on all needed processes yet to meet the specific needs for the Lebanese accounting practices.

3- Procurement and Inventory management in a way tailored to the company’s needs with full training on how to use the inventory for transfers, multi-step routes, multi-warehouse and locations to fit their very specific needs on how to run projects to manufacture new machines and support existing projects.

4- Marketing Suite in order to have a fully connected suite of application.

5- Odoo Manufacturing, PLM, maintenance and quality to efficiently manage their production, keep track of costs, quality of their products starting from the moment they order raw material till delivering the final product.