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Candela speed boats
Candela speed boats Fertigung
We are fundamentally changing the boating industry for the better. Follow our progress in making electric transportation on water better than travel on fossil fuels.
Skawen Technologies AB
Skawen Technologies AB Fertigung
Skawen is an innovative ventilation company developing, producing and selling AHU’s with highly efficient heat recovery system.
Products are Air Handling systems for public/industrial applications and for dehumidification of private and public pools. Focus on the new-build market as well as the retrofit market. When ventilating buildings and facilities with Skawen AHU’s, customers will save heat as well as electric energy and reduce electric power input.
TPPG The Perimeter Protection Group AB
TPPG The Perimeter Protection Group AB Fertigung
Turvallisuusratkaisuihin erikoistunut The Perimeter Protection Group tarvitsi globaalia toiminnanohjausjärjestelmää helpottamaan kansainvälisen yrityksen raportointia ja läpinäkyvää johtamista. SprintIT toimitti kattavan Odoo-paketin sisältäen ostot, myynnin, projektinhallinnan, taloushallinnon ja tuntikirjaukset. Lisäksi SprintIT kehitti kenttähuoltotoiminnallisuuksia vastaamaan yrityksen tarpeita. Lue lisää yrityksestä: perimeterprotection.net

The Perimeter Protection Group, which specializes in security solutions, needed a global ERP to facilitate the reporting and transparent management of an international company. SprintIT delivered a comprehensive Odoo package including purchases, sales, project management, accounting and timesheets. In addition, SprintIT developed field service functionalities to meet the company's needs. Read more about the company: perimeterprotection.net