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Al Khonji Group L.L.C
Al Khonji Group L.L.C Fertigung
From 1920, we have been able to become a leading family enterprise sustained by generations of entrepreneurial excellence built on solid relationships and remaining relevant. Inspired by our proud past, we are pleased to introduce our Al Khonji Group and our passion for

AlKhonji Group is involved in various business sectors, from Real Estate, Services, Trading, Joint
ventures, investments, and Projects. Through our customer-centric approach and pursuit of excellence, we add significant value – connecting people with properties, and marketing brands in a relevant, meaningful and emotional way that creates long-standing relationships based on respect, value, and trust.

Our long history, our business experience, our firm relationships and our valuable network with forward-thinking business practices blend into our corporate DNA and people-first philosophy whilst upholding the value of integrity with a spirit of collaboration.

“Together we progress” unifies all of our business units
Europoles EME
Europoles EME Fertigung
Europoles Middle East LLC was launched in 2006 as a joint venture of Europoles GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and RAY International LLC (Oman).
FlarOman Fertigung
FlarOman is a design and manufacturing company with a strong presence to service the Middle East and SouthEast Asia market. In-house engineering and fabrication facilities provide clients with a seamless, fully integrated flare system service. Enhanced by its strategic links with leading organisations in the energy and construction sectors.
FlarOman core products consist of the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of flare systems and combustion related equipment for the Oil, Gas, Petro-chemical and associated process industries. The unit has accreditation of ISO 9001:2008 and Made in Oman certifications
Gulf Nails LLC
Gulf Nails LLC Fertigung
It is a factory specialized in manufacturing metal fasteners such as nails, pins, nuts and rings of all kinds.
Oman Munition Production Company
Oman Munition Production Company Fertigung
Oman Munition Production Company is an Omani company established to support the defense and security organization with their need of ammunition and technical support aims at conducting field research /IT conducts with national and international research centers, military industries, and downstream businesses to develop in small arms ammunition and later in big artilleries and military industry. This is achieved through collaboration with research centers and the involvement of small and medium established (SME, s) and downstream business in Oman.
Synergies Castings LLC
Synergies Castings LLC Fertigung
Synergies Castings Oman (SCO) is established in 2017 as joint venture between Synergies Castings India (SCI) and Omani investors to produce aluminum alloy car wheels for automotive industry.
United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co. LLC
United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co. LLC Fertigung
"By way of brief introduction, UGPM is a joint venture between key players in the Middle East region, namely National Industries Group-Kuwait, Krah Middle East and other high net worth individuals to manufacture HDPE and PP based polymer products. Utilizing unique and innovative manufacturing technologies from Krah, Germany, we produce high quality pipes, manholes and other related plastic products serving primarily applications in sewage and water treatment plants, outfall pipelines, mining industry, ventilation pipe systems, industrial pipelines, storage tanks and containers etc.

Krah Products are well known worldwide with operations in countries all over the world. We provide additional services to our customers, such as strong after sales service, project studying, training, technical & general support, and endorsement from well known and reputed technical companies from around the world.

Their factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines provided by the world leader in pipe manufacturing technology, Krah Germany and other reputed manufacturers.

Using the most innovative technology, UGPM Co. primarily produces HDPE and PP pipes, manholes, house connections and other accessories."