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3MB Co., Ltd.
3MB Co., Ltd. Виробництво
Our factory is a modern production facility suitable for batch production of advanced composite parts. (Building area 2500 sqm. : Each department is separated and controlled temperature, vacuum pump, and injection machine…)

At 3MB, new innovations are reflected in the manufacturing process. All of our employees, no matter what position they do. They are able to offer new and creative ideas for processes and production optimization. (e.g. building a movable spray booth to reduce the movement of parts in the factory)
Dynamic Spring Co.,Ltd  (Head Office)
Dynamic Spring Co.,Ltd (Head Office) Виробництво
A leading innovator and professional in the field of spring engineering, consistently providing advanced and customized solutions for all types of spring-related issues to meet the specific needs of our clients with quality management system certifications, ISO 9001:2015. Team of more than 100 employees we can produce more than 10,00,000 springs per month globally.
E-Tuk Factory Company Limited
E-Tuk Factory Company Limited Виробництво
A Etuk Factory foi fundada em 2008, iniciando a sua atividade com o aluguer de Tuk Tuk. Atualmente, é uma empresa que desenvolve e fabrica veículos 100% elétricos para o mercado mundial, sendo a sua missão colaborar para um meio ambiente mais ecológico e sustentável.

O Odoo foi a solução-chave encontrada para a gestão integrada dos processos da empresa, tendo sido na Arxi que a Etuk Factory encontrou o parceiro ideal, dada a sua vasta experiência com realidades internacionais, a sua enorme capacidade de disponibilidade e rapidez de resposta.

Etuk Factory was founded in 2008, starting its activity as a Tuk Tuk rental service. They currently develop and manufacture 100% electric vehicles worldwide, on a mission to cooperate in making a more sustainable environment.

Odoo was the solution to their integrated processes management, and Arxi was the partner chosen for this implementation, as Arxi has already vast expertise in regards to international instances, as well as great availability and a very swift response time.