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Advanced Flavors & Fragrances Pte. Ltd.
Advanced Flavors & Fragrances Pte. Ltd. Виробництво
Advanced Flavors & Fragrances specializes in the compounding and manufacturing of the highest grade liquid and powder flavorings that is the secret ingredient in our customers' products to help them succeed in the ever crowded marketplace - all at a reasonable price.
ELH TECH (S) PTE. LTD. Виробництво
ELH Tech is Southeast Asia's largest integrated AM facility. It has ventured into Additive Manufacturing and provides excellent prototyping services such as Reverse Engineering to 3D printing, Product Design & Development, Conformal Cooling & Topology Optimization, CNC Machining Processes and Post Processing with a variety of materials from Polymer to Metal. (
Pecko Виробництво
Pecko Electronics Industries Pte Ltd specializes in Electronic Equipments and Supplies, Electrical Connectors, Electronic Part Assemblers, Power Supply Cords, Switches, Transmformer, Cable & Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Cable Lugs, Coil, Ferrites, and Contract Manufacturing Services, Rack Assemblies, and Medical Products