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ATPCO is a quality general contracting company founded in 2011 by a strategic decision of Alsalimi company’s high management, to serve and build the group own projects
ABR Contracting
ABR Contracting 建設
ABR Is a national Engineering & Construction company that plays an effective role in the
Reconstruction and Development fields in Saudi Arabia. ABR Contracting is highly proud of its
contribution to the Development and National Economy. In 1990, ABR Contracting started its journey
where it had executed many projects that keep pace with the ongoing rapid development for the
Kingdom’s growth in Reconstruction and Development fields. This is for governmental sectors, private
sectors and individuals as well. ABR Contracting executes its projects by using the newest technical
methods and techniques. It also uses the latest advanced Engineering computer programs and follows
the latest quality control regulations. That is what makes ABR Contracting able to provide the best
technical features for its projects. ABR contracting company has served the Development and National
Economy for almost 29 years and it is distinguished for providing various services for different sectors in
the country. The company is managed by an executive board that includes the elite specialists,
consultants and professionals in the Construction business. They work hand in hand and that is what
helped ABR Contracting to become successful in providing top of the line engineering and construction
services. ABR Contracting always follows the newest managerial policies and control systems to
manage its projects and look after the plans, programs, and timelines. ABR Contracting always
guarantees to maintain the adequate resources at the right time, place and qualifications to perform the
projects on time and according to budget.
Al Osais started it's humble beginings way back in 1972, trading in Petroleum products, Gas stations in the Eastern Province and Construction Contracts. Growing in strength, numbers and businesses over the last 40 years propelled this multi faceted business group with diverse activities
Arkan Al-Istisab Group for Contracting specializes in the field of contracting, restoration, finishing works, smart home systems and security systems.

We provide customers with all their services and meet their requirements.

We also have a staff of workers specialized in this field, such as civil engineers, management engineers, maintenance workers and trained manpower.

We work on implementing projects with advanced and different technologies to carry out their work professionally. Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism at work

The vision of the Arkan Acquisition Group is to maintain its growth as one of the Saudi groups that works to facilitate services for the customer and provide his needs.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism in our work.

مجموعة أركان الاكتساب لمقاولات متخصصة في مجال المقاولات والترميم وأعمال التشطيب وانظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية ، كما نوفر لك أعمال التصميم المعماري والتصميم الإنشائي والتصميم الداخلي وأعمال الديكورات وكمان ستجد لدينا قسم التسويق العقاري والتطوير العقاري وأنظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية.

نوفر للعملاء جميع خدماتهم وتلبي متطلباتهم .

كما لدينا طاقم عمال متخصصين في هذا المجال مثل المهندسين المدنيين ومهندسي الإدارة و عمال الصيانة والأيدي العاملة المدربة .

نعمل على تنفيذ المشاريع بتقنيات متطورة ومختلفة لتنفيذ أعمالها باحترافية. منذ تأسيسها عام 2013م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل

وتتمثل رؤية مجموعة أركان الاكتساب في الحفاظ على نموها كواحدة من المجموعات السعودية والتي تعمل على تسهيل الخدمات للعميل وتوفير احتياجاته .

منذ تأسيسها عام ٢٠١٣م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل.

نسعى دوما على تقديم الأفضل “يمكننا وأكثر“
Abalkhail Group
Abalkhail Group 建設
Abalkhail Consulting Engineers (AAA) is a Saudi Arabian multi-discipline engineering consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of services from pre-design studies, through detail design and construction, management, supervision, to commissioning and hand over for its Clients. AAA has successfully served clients in many engineering disciplines and completed large & complex assignments.
Abdulaziz Almesher Contracting
Abdulaziz Almesher Contracting 建設

تأسست مؤسسة عبد العزيز المسهر في عام 2011 ومقرها مدينة الرياض لديها تاريخ حافل من المشاريع الناجحة منها مستشفيات - مدارس - مراكز رياضية - مطاعم - معرض سيارات - مولات تجارية - كومباوند سكني
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading and Construction
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading and Construction 建設
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading is a company which operates in multiple fields construction, oil & gas, in addition to maintenance & operation.
Adel Mashhor Ali Alhareth for construction Est.
Adel Mashhor Ali Alhareth for construction Est. 建設
Al-Sharif Adel Bin Mashhoor Al-Harith Contracting Est. is considered one of the leading establishments in the field of contracting and real estate investment, which was established more than 30 years ago by experts and specialists, and it is a limited liability establishment.
During this long period, the Corporation was able to implement and market a number of large successful projects within the cities of Jeddah and Medina. *
The company provides integrated solutions and excellent services.
Al-Sharif Adel Al-Harith Real Estate Est. 30 years of experience offers you the best offers in Jeddah and Medina
Advanced Mining KSA
Advanced Mining KSA 建設
Advanced Mining is an authorized dealer of Sandvik which offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk-materials handling.
Ahmad M Al-Dossary Co.
Ahmad M Al-Dossary Co. 建設
AHMED S. MOHAMMED AL-DOSSARY & PARTNER CO, Industrial support services group is
one of the leading private sector firms in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group has been
operating since last 13 years, making it also the” land mark of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company mission is to provide & satisfy customer’s expectation by ensuring that only
the highest level of services are offered in the most professional and dedicated way as
possible. We look forward for full co- operation and support from our valued customers.
Al Azaem Power Technology Company LTD.
Al Azaem Power Technology Company LTD. 建設
Al-Azaem Electricity Technology Co., Ltd., located in Jeddah, Al-Faisaliah District, King Fahd Road, is one of the establishments that provide general contracting for buildings and their maintenance, road works, sanitation and water

تعتبر شركة العزائم لتقنية الكهرباء المحدودة وموقعها في جده حي الفيصلية طريق الملك فهد من المنشآت التي تقوم على تقديم مقاولات عامة للمباني وصيانتها وأعمال الطرق والصرف الصحي والمياة
Al Fanoos International ltd, Salem S. Bin Mahfouz Trading EST
Al Fanoos International ltd, Salem S. Bin Mahfouz Trading EST 建設
Salem S. Bin Mahfooz Trading was established in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the early 80s specialized in foodstuff imports. Now it is one of the largest green coffee trading companies in the region importing coffees from different origins around the globe.
Al Ghurairy Construction Company
Al Ghurairy Construction Company 建設
Al Ghurairy Construction Company . was established in 1973G with the world’s leading maintenance service group: Al Ghurairy Saudi Arabia, 40 years of Service Company today employing over 1,000 staff known today as MSG and Brothers Company. It currently operates out kingdom wide.

The company has grown consistently over the years due to the vision of its Chairman and C.E.O to invest in its employees in terms of training, health and personal wellbeing as well as bridging a sense of team spirit to the work force it possesses. Likewise, by anticipating and understanding our clients’ needs, this has been a significant attribute to our success. As one of the pioneers in the industry, it is equally important for us to be abreast of the conditions of the Saudi economy and its pertinent regulations to ensure compliance and continuity for our clients. Additionally, our consultant company provides technical support as required, to update the group on the latest techniques and products.

Our banquet of services is backed by a dedicated management team who strive for quality performance excellence in spite of market pressures. The group's divisions and its subsidiaries ensure that the job is executed with proper planning, training, coordination and efficiency that ultimately benefit our clients. Although we are priced like most service companies in the local market, our clients have recognized. Our values have likewise embraced us as a strategic partner in their growth.
Al Haidari Contracting Company
Al Haidari Contracting Company 建設
Was established to contribute to the construction and building fields for more than a decade, and has achieved wide successes with governmental and private partnerships. We have started our great journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by constructing villas, palaces and modern commercial buildings until we reached huge residential projects and commercial towers that touches the society.

Al JUAN ADVANCED CO . LTD For Trading & Contracting
Al JUAN ADVANCED CO . LTD For Trading & Contracting 建設
Al-Juan company is specialized in the field of implementing the contracts of the National Electricity. It is considered one of the leading companies in the field of implementing the Saudi Electricity Company's networks, and as a qualified contractor with the Saudi Electricity Company. It includes a distinguished team of highly experienced people in managing and implementing electricity projects backed by international certificates.
Al Malath Al Arabia
Al Malath Al Arabia 建設
Al Malath Al Arabia is a leading IT solutions integrator in the Kingdom, with a strong foundation built on legacy including specialties in hardware, software, and services. Since its founding in 2011, the company has experienced significant growth and is now recognized as a major player in the IT space.
As a strategic partner, we are proud to have worked with Al Malath Al Arabia to provide Odoo modules for their clients. Al Malath Al Arabia has taken Odoo modules from Crevisoft, which has enabled them to offer more comprehensive solutions to their clients. Our partnership has been instrumental in helping Al Malath Al Arabia to expand their offerings and deliver innovative solutions to their clients..
Al Osais Transportation and Road Construction
Al Osais Transportation and Road Construction 建設
شركة العسيس للنقل واعمار الطرق