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Vertrouwd door miljoenen wereldwijd

ATPCO is a quality general contracting company founded in 2011 by a strategic decision of Alsalimi company’s high management, to serve and build the group own projects
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading and Construction
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading and Construction Constructie
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading is a company which operates in multiple fields construction, oil & gas, in addition to maintenance & operation.
Ahmed Al-Mousa Eng'g Consultants
Ahmed Al-Mousa Eng'g Consultants Constructie
Ahmed Al-Mousa Engineering Consultants was established in 1983 Over the course of more than 25 years the imprint of the office in the urban renaissance in the Eastern Province of impeccable design, creativity and the supervision of an elaborate on many of the projects of Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Universities, Administrative Buildings, Residential, Commercial and Islamic centers, Mosques, Lecture Halls and the development of infrastructure.
Al Ghurairy Construction Company
Al Ghurairy Construction Company Constructie
Al Ghurairy Construction Company . was established in 1973G with the world’s leading maintenance service group: Al Ghurairy Saudi Arabia, 40 years of Service Company today employing over 1,000 staff known today as MSG and Brothers Company. It currently operates out kingdom wide.

The company has grown consistently over the years due to the vision of its Chairman and C.E.O to invest in its employees in terms of training, health and personal wellbeing as well as bridging a sense of team spirit to the work force it possesses. Likewise, by anticipating and understanding our clients’ needs, this has been a significant attribute to our success. As one of the pioneers in the industry, it is equally important for us to be abreast of the conditions of the Saudi economy and its pertinent regulations to ensure compliance and continuity for our clients. Additionally, our consultant company provides technical support as required, to update the group on the latest techniques and products.

Our banquet of services is backed by a dedicated management team who strive for quality performance excellence in spite of market pressures. The group's divisions and its subsidiaries ensure that the job is executed with proper planning, training, coordination and efficiency that ultimately benefit our clients. Although we are priced like most service companies in the local market, our clients have recognized. Our values have likewise embraced us as a strategic partner in their growth.
Almojel for construction
Almojel for construction Constructie
Al Mojel Trading and Contracting Co known as Al Mojel Group, is a private Co. operates within the Holding Companies Sector .Al Mojel Group Established in 1950 & Based in Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia.
Bakhrush Saad Co.
Bakhrush Saad Co. Constructie
تأسست الشركة قبل اكثر من عقد من الزمن على يد صاحبها رجل الاعمال بخروش بن سعد ال بخروش حيث وضع في خدمة الشركة خبرة ثلاثة عقود في مجال التجارة والصناعة والمقاولات واليوم تعمل شركة بخروش سعد وشركاؤه للتجارة والمقاولات في مجالات متنوعة مثل مشاريع انشاء البنية التحتية والشبكات ومشاريعٍ إنشائية وصناعية وتجارية متنوعة , و حصدت الشركة العديد من الاعتمادات من جهاتٍ رسمية وعملاءٍ بارزين لما حققته من نجاحات في جوانب الجوده والتطوير
Bin Dayel
Bin Dayel Constructie
BIN DAYEL was established in 1401 g. to contribute to the payment of the movement of the economy and its growth in the country through the implementation of construction projects for various governmental and private sectors, where BIN DAYEL have implemented construction projects to serve both the area of (housing, health, education). This was through developing a Strategic Plan, which aims to upgrade the level of provision of services in construction and building. Indeed, BIN DAYEL have succeeded to achieve the objectives of this plan by providing qualified executives and modern techniques that have contributed to the achievement of its objectives. Moreover, surpassing obstacles to reach the desired vision.
CERCON Constructie
CERCON General Contracting Company was established in 1978, since then it had grown to become one of the leading Construction Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CERCON’s had built during the 30 years of its experience an excellent reputation and established its presence and credibility in the construction industry of the Kingdom by participated on the Government Economics and Constructions plans by executed many projects in the constructions field which required to completed it the technical, management and human resources, in addition to the financial and services supporting which have been achieved by CERCON from its experience of many Government projects. CERCON with its team working on many construction fields.
Deepsa Constructie
Construction project management, engineering and technical activities related to the specialization of all branches of engineering, research and development in engineering and technology.
Domathah Trading & Construction
Domathah Trading & Construction Constructie
Domathah Trading and Contracting is a Saudi company, located in Riyadh, was established specializing in Civil Contracting, got expansion afterwards to include electrical and mechanical works too. Domathah brings together the best design and construction methodologies that the world has to offer. Equipped with the technical and organizational efficiencies needed to help construction companies fulfill their ambitious requirements.
Enjaz Al Sharq
Enjaz Al Sharq Constructie

We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over the last decade:

Providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, delivering exceptional work, fostering innovation, acting with integrity, and strengthening our communities. These tenets unite us as one company, and guide every aspect of our business.
First Gulf Sky for Heavy Equipment Rental Company
First Gulf Sky for Heavy Equipment Rental Company Constructie
We are one of the leading ISO 9001-2008 & OHSAS 18001-2007 certified company for Heavy Equipment Rental Services, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. FGS is a 100% percent Saudi Company, actively engaged in various projects for many years. FGS has developed progressively and expanded our equipment fleet with the latest technological equipment, machinery and a professionally qualified team to meet the present market requirements.
Future Growth Holding
Future Growth Holding Constructie
FG Holding is a main holding company of 5 separate business operations/legal entities in Saudi Arabia operating in several sectors including consulting, project services and trading operations
FG required one solution to control multiple business models s, companies with separate operational workflows with visibility of global operations and performance reporting with support for future requirements such as e-Commerce.
Gulf Diamond
Gulf Diamond Constructie
Gulf Diamond is a distributor and trader of multiple stock/product lines and under wholesale and retail basis across KSA.
As a product trading business, control and reporting of stock and sales performance were key metrics to increase business growth.
GD required a solution that delivers full control and transparency on operations and product sales performance with real-time performance management dashboard.