Expert Rochat Maximizes its Use of Odoo in Every Area of the Business

Country: Cossonay, Switzerland
Industry: Electronics Retail Industry
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Accounting, POS, Project, Email Marketing, Invoicing, Timesheet, Expenses, Fleet, Website, eCommerce
Number of Users: 5 Users
Company Size: Less than 10 Employees 

Expert Rochat has been in business for over 5 decades, offering high quality consumer electronics and after-sales services in Switzerland. For years they’d been content managing their business using a basic store program and Excel spreadsheets, but then the time came that modernization caught up with them.


Finding an Affordable & Modern Solution

Expert Rochat was looking to update their business process and therefore in the market for a new solution. Before changing their system, their goal was to find a solution that could meet all of the company’s needs but was nevertheless simple to use and affordable.They had a basic store program in place, but it had become outdated and they wanted a more modern and user friendly solution. To complement their basic store program, they used Excel spreadsheets for data management and accounting. In addition, their website was very simple and basic, and in dire need of an upgrade, especially since it did not have a payment option built in. The idea was to be able to allow customers to shop and pay directly online.

Before deciding to go with Odoo, the company explored other solutions and weighed their options carefully. However, after thorough consideration they found that generally the cost was either way too high for a small business and/or it did not fully meet their needs, and was too complicated to use.


Expert Rochat's new online store

Expert Rochat Catches up with the Times

They were in need of a complete solution and decided to go with Odoo Enterprise for 5 users. The main goal for the use of the new system was to manage quotations and invoicing, and the direct in-store sales. Moreover, they needed a modern website and eCommerce solution that could handle a sophisticated yet simple online store. On top of Odoo being well equipped to handle all their needs, one of the of the main advantages that they found with Odoo was that all their problems were solved with a single software. After implementing Odoo they quickly started to experience improvements;

  • Using Odoo Inventory the stock is updated automatically, and information neatly kept instead of having to do it manually and update in an Excel spreadsheet. Stock management is also organized and easily trackable with the support of serial numbers and barcode scanning.

  • Odoo Sales greatly simplifies the process from sales to quotation and finally payment. Before everything was done manually, information had to be written up and re-input several times, which was affecting efficiency.

  • With Odoo eCommerce integrated to their Odoo Website, they now run a successful online store that allows customers to pay directly via the website and the quantities sold are automatically updated with Odoo Inventory.

  • Odoo Point of Sale (POS) used with dynamic barcodes and barcode scanner has greatly increased their productivity, facilitating the selling process and decreased the waiting time at checkout.

  • Odoo Accounting has replaced their manual Excel based system, and allows them to easily print and customize reports, as well as compare time periods and product categories.


Efficiency Levels Take Off with Odoo

Expert Rochat only implemented Odoo in early 2017, so they are still in the process of experiencing the full impact of the new system. Nonetheless, so far they’ve already drastically reduced the time it takes them to manage their orders, and with the Odoo applications they are able to have a much better overview and control of their stock levels as well as their invoicing process. They have not yet begun using Odoo Projects and Timesheet, but the plan is to start using it soon in order to have an overview of the services provided, record the time worked and be able to accurately invoice it. The company plans to use all that Odoo has to offer to the fullest. 

Amongst the things that Expert Rochat values most about Odoo is the efficiency and comfort that it brings to their employees and the work environment in general as a whole. Last but not least, they of course also value the fact that it’s an integrated all-in-one system that can take care of all their business needs.

"We are 100% satisfied with Odoo!"
     - Brice Tabozzi, Manager at Expert Rochat

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The Expert Rochat store in Switzerland

About Expert Rochat

Expert Rochat is a multimedia and electronics store located in Cossonay, Switzerland. The store was founded in 1965, with a team of passionate and dedicated people whose goal is to improve people’s lives through offering innovative and disruptive products, as well as specialized services. Their products are sold both via their website as well as in their brick and mortar store.

Expert Rochat are experts in their field and their products are specially selected to satisfy each customer, whether it’s a small or medium sized businesses wanting to revamp their surroundings and optimize their performance, or a customer wanting to to upgrade an appliance or add some technology to the household.

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