Ušetřete čas

Worldwide compatibility

Odoo Accounting can be used in any country. The Fiscal Localization Packages pre-configure your database according to your country's taxes, fiscal positions, chart of accounts, and legal statements so that you can start working immediately.

Mobile apps

iOS and Android native apps cover 100% of the features. Low data transfer to get a fast user experience even on slow internet connections.

Digitalizace faktur, poháněná AI

Upload your scanned PDF or image format files and let Odoo encode them automatically, thanks to the AI-powered digitization feature.

Test our recognition tool


Pay only one subscription and get all your subsidiaries within the same system with real-time consolidation reports. You can also automate business flows with intercompany rules.

Accounts Receivable and Payable

Attractive Invoice Templates

Fine-tune your documents' design by adjusting the colors and fonts and choosing the best invoice template for your company.

Instant invoice draft

Draft invoices are created automatically by Odoo based on sales orders, subscriptions, timesheets, or delivery orders.

Credit Notes and Refunds

Create a customer or vendor credit note directly from the customer invoice or vendor bill.

Sales credit limit

Trigger alerts when creating Invoices and Sales Orders for Partners exceeding their total receivable amount limit.

Více měn

Enjoy currency rates updated daily.

Overview of your journal entries

Review, edit, and reconcile your journal entries by journal types: purchases, sales, bank and cash, and miscellaneous.

Dostaňte jednoduše zaplaceno

Online platby

Allow customers to pay online via payment methods of their choice. Odoo also supports main payment gateways such as Stripe, Authorize.net, Ogone, PayPal, Adyen, Alipay, and many more.

Zákaznický portál

Empower your customers through the Customer Portal. Let them view, download, and pay their invoices online. They can manage their subscriptions, sign documents, track order status, send messages, and more.

Automatizované upomínky

Ensure your credit collection with automated processes: follow-up emails, letters, SMS, and automated tasks to remind your customers when necessary.

Mobile payment with QR Codes

Add a QR code to your invoices so customers can pay effortlessly with their mobile banking application.

Direct Payments

With SEPA direct debit, you automatically collect your automated payments and create direct debit customer mandates.

Platba faktur

Automatizace bankovních převodů

Automate supplier payments throughout the SEPA zone with SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT).

Hromadné platby

Use batch payments to group different payments and ease the reconciliation process and bank check deposits.

Tisk šeků

Get suggestions for supplier bills to pay and print checks in batches in just a few clicks.

Banka a hotovost

Automatizujte stahování výpisu

Synchronize your bank statements and enjoy automatically imported bank feeds straight within Odoo.

Spravujte hotovostní pokladny

Easily track every cash transaction with starting and ending balances.

Importujte výpisy

Import your bank statements in any format you wish: .OFX, .QIF, .CSV, .CAMT.053, or CODA files.

Jednoduché párování plateb

Chytré párování plateb

Get reconciliation suggestions automatically and register extra journal items on the fly. Manual reconciliations interface for both open and paid invoices. Learning of account numbers based on first manual reconciliation.

Odoo matches 95% of invoices and payments automatically. For the remaining 5%, the smart matching tool is extremely quick and convenient.

Jednoduché dohledávání plateb

Get partial and full reconciliation suggestions straight from the invoice or bank statement.

Oficiální finanční výkazy

In-depth and dynamic statements

Any change in your accounting is directly visible and allows an in-depth audit to understand each value entered.

Pokročilá správa daní

Odoo's tax engine supports a wide range of tax computations: price included/excluded, percentage, grid, tax on taxes, partial exemptions, etc.

Daňová přiznání

Get your tax reports in accrual or cash-based formatted according to your country's taxation regulations.

Výkaz daňového auditu

Check easily how the tax report is computed for your audits through the tax audit report, just by clicking on a line.

Invoicing switch threshold

The invoices up to this date will not be taken into account as accounting entries

Cash basis taxes

Report your income and expenses to your fiscal administration thanks to the Odoo cash basis feature.

Analytic accounting

Hierarchie nákladových účtů

Vytvářejte své analytické účty automaticky, na základě projektů, smluv, oddělení, atd.

Analytické distribuce

Analytic JS widget on Invoices/Bills to create analytic distribution “on the spot”, directly from your invoices. Create templates according to your needs to make it even faster.

Multiple plans

Manage multiple analytic plans and sub-plans with applicability conditions to shape your own analytic multi-dimensions/axes for your company.

Budget management

Track your budget and compare actual performance with different budgets. Manage the budget of your financial accounting or analytic accounts.

Mass edit

Have access to all your analytic items, and feel free to mass edit them directly without opening any invoice.

Assets, Expense & Revenue Recognition

Správa majetku

Track assets and depreciation boards and automatically generate amortization entries. Manage all events on your assets in just a few clicks.

Expense & Revenue Recognition

Manage multi-year contracts, automate deferred revenue and expense entries, and get a clear overview of your recurring revenue and expenses.

One-shot deferred revenue & expenses and Mass edition

Use the cut-off feature to adjust specific amounts in journal entries of different periods.

Odoo balances out part of the amount and puts it in your chosen dedicated account. Thanks to the Automatic Entries, you can also mass edit several journal entries at once.


Webové API

Connect third-party applications with the Odoo web service API. Odoo supports all languages: python, PHP, java, c#, ruby, ...

Flexibilní import-export

Use the built-in import-export tool to mass import or export. You can export and import the same data to mass update through Excel sheets.

TaxCloud integration

Have the correct tax rates automatically applied based on U.S. zip codes and product categories. TaxCloud calculates sales tax in real-time for every state, city, and special jurisdiction in the United States.


Odoo Prodej icon

Nechte, aby se vaše zákaznické faktury automaticky generovaly z prodejních objednávek, úkolů nebo výdejek.

Odoo Sklady icon

Pracujte s pravidelným nebo automatickým oceňováním zásob. Zaúčtování hodnoty skladů může probíhat automaticky na základě fixní ceny, vážené průměrné ceny, nebo FIFO.

Odoo Nákup icon

Spravujte dodavatelské faktury na pár kliknutí. Není třeba vše dělat manuálně, návrh se automaticky vygeneruje na základě nákupní objednávky nebo přijatého zboží.

Odoo E-shop icon

Nechte, aby všechny e-shopové transakce byly automaticky zaneseny do vašeho účetnictví: platby, vrácení peněz, doprava, atd.