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Odoo Quality is the best way to address the root causes of costly defects and ensure quality across the entire product life cycle.

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Quality inspections that won’t interrupt manufacturing


Maintain product consistency and quality by configuring recurring quality checks on manufacturing and inventory orders.

Zero in on defects before they cost you

Create quality alerts to address product defects, specify root causes, and suggest corrective and preventive actions.


No product left unchecked

Unique products require tailored inspections. Effortlessly configure a variety of quality check types to ensure each item is properly checked for defects.

Put your quality teams in control

Create unlimited quality teams dedicated to specific products or operations, and assign quality checks and alerts to them for review.

Worksheets make custom checks effortless

Create interactive worksheets for employees to fill out when conducting quality checks.

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Quality reporting

View detailed statistics about quality checks and alerts to better understand when inspections are taking place and the types of defects that are most common.

Kanbanové zobrazení

Manage quality alerts by moving them through customizable review stages.

Quality alert priority

Assign alerts a priority between one and three stars to ensure the most urgent issues are addressed first.

Granular inspections

Request quality checks for an entire manufacturing order, or a specific work order within.

Order integration

Complete quality checks directly from manufacturing or inventory orders, without opening the Quality app.

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Odoo Quality provides businesses with tools for managing non-conformities, identifying the root cause of quality issues, and taking corrective and preventive actions to improve quality control processes.

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