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PT PCI Consulting and Solutions
PT PCI Consulting and Solutions Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v15
Services and Solutions for the International Trade, Manufacturing and E-Commerce

Founded in 1997, Port Cities offers a range of IT solutions and corporate services to companies that trade products with Asia.

We understand International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing in a local Asian context and can support it with “best in class” products and services in Greater China and South East Asia. ...
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Arkana Solusi Digital, PT
Arkana Solusi Digital, PT Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15
Our experts happily provide consultation, design, customization, and rapid implementation of Odoo to fit your demands. We have years of hands-on experiences in various industries cases including Manufacturing, Logistic, Distribution, Healthcare, IT/Telco, HR Outsourcing, etc.
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PT. Sinergi Data Totalindo
PT. Sinergi Data Totalindo Certified v13
We are a group of PT. Dynamic Advantage Partnerindo (dynamic.co.id), for more than 15 years we have implemented for small, medium and large scale companies using various management application products.

Get 2 days free training if you subscribe Odoo with PT. Sinergi Data as an integrating partner. Please call +628119973 for more info.
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Falinwa Indonesia
Falinwa Indonesia Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
We are a proud Indonesian IT Company with over 8 years of experience and expertise in analysis, project management, and technical skills. Our standards and our commitments guarantee the success of your ERP Implementation. With our years of experience, we have created our product based on the agile method for diverse industries. We’ll assist you, from the definition of your business case to the project delivery within budget and time constraints.
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Nurosoft Consulting
Nurosoft Consulting Certified v10 Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v15
Nurosoft Consulting is a software house that was established to address the demand for reliable technology. We go beyond being just a regular IT consultant, we assure implementing projects with quality.

With more than 7 years of experience supporting clients globally, you can trust us to deliver!
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PT. Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia
PT. Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia Certified v13 Certified v15
XAPIENS is an End-to-End Enterprise Digital and ICT Solutions provider, a member of INDIKA Energy Group. Build on the more-than-a-decade-long experience in meeting the information and communications technology challenges for hundreds of INDIKA Energy Group’s strategic operation throughout the country, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia now stands ready to work with broader clients in achieving their business goals by providing reliable and innovative end-to-end enterprise ICT services and solutions.
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PT. Sinergi Karya Solusindo
PT. Sinergi Karya Solusindo
Sinerka is a passionate consulting firm who is eager to be your best friend throughout your IT matters.

We are a team of passionate business consultants and technology veterans with many years of experience in various industries, eager to help companies reach their full potential. Our aim is to build a long-term partnership and our happy customers often engage us for repeat assignments.

Drop us emails at: contact@sinerka.id for our journey together!
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PT Thinq Technology Milik Bersama
PT Thinq Technology Milik Bersama Certified v14
We do believe that ERP implementation in a company -regardless of its size- is a crucial milestone for any business. Therefore learning and understanding the pain point and addressing a unique solution to their specific needs is essential.
Thinq Tech, are a newly founded team that builds from well-seasoned Odoo developers, creating integrators, tools, and products to assist them to shape their future to become extraordinaire.
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Silver Партнери

PT. Eka Reka Palakerti Indonesia (ERP Indonesia)
PT. Eka Reka Palakerti Indonesia (ERP Indonesia) Certified v14 Certified v15
ERP Indonesia adalah sebuah perusahaan konsultan IT yang berbasis di Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Kami menawarkan teknologi alignment dan integration dengan basis Odoo. Kami berkomitmen untuk melayani klien-klien kami dengan integritas dan kerja keras, karena kami percaya bisnis yang lebih baik akan menciptakan dunia yang lebih baik.
ERP Indonesia is an IT consulting company based in Semarang, Central Java. We provide technology alignment and integration with Odoo. We are committed to serving our cl ...
16 посилання
Kreatif Solution
Kreatif Solution Certified v13
KREATIF SOLUTION Successfully Implemented ERP software more than 80+ SME companies across Industries.
WA : +62 812 90882718
IDR 180jt - 20 User - 7 Module
Golive in few Weeks
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PT. Metrocom Jaddi Technology
PT. Metrocom Jaddi Technology Certified v13 Certified v14
PT. Metrocom Jaddi Technology is part of Metrocom and Jaddi group of companies which focuses on selection, design, implementation and maintenance of enterprise solutions which include ERP, CRM, business intelligence and mobile-based applications. Our unique value proposition is based on our business consulting skills, proven Metrodology - which integrates process, people, and technology; also our capability to deliver end-to-end solution - from business applications to infrastructure. Since 2008 ...
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PT. JUKE SOLUSI TEKNOLOGI is a leading IT solution provider focusing on IT Enterprise Solutions.
Established in 2012, PT. JUKE SOLUSI TEKNOLOGI has significantly growth until now.

Supported by a highly skilled and proven technical team, PT Juke Solusi Teknologi is well positioned to respond to the growing demands in IT Enterprise solutions,
by providing a solution in Enterprise Applications, Big Data Analytics, Data Infrastructure, Storage Management and Security Solutions.

For more in ...
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PT. Berkah Metro Optima
PT. Berkah Metro Optima
We are an information technology system integrator with specialization in Odoo Products. As Odoo Partner in Indonesia, we bring the best solution and excellent implementation, upgrades, and maintenance services. We have experienced team of professional consultants to support your business and supplement your IT resources.
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Ready Партнери

PT. Alpha Solusi Teknologi
PT. Alpha Solusi Teknologi
PT. Alpha Solusi Teknologi (ALPHASOFT) is a business solution company with one goal in mind : To help your business run better.

Over the year, we have experience in implementing ERP system with odoo platform. We successfully implemented odoo system at many company accros industries, such as Manufacture, Distribution, Retail, ...
5 посилання
PT. Chub Pamadana International
PT. Chub Pamadana International Certified v13
Impact Group was founded in 2016 with the vision to help business leaders and employees grow. Our team at ImpactFirst consists of experienced business consultants from reputable international consulting firms with at least 15+ years of experience as well as Odoo consultants and software engineers with Odoo implementation experience from reputable companies.

We focus in 4 areas:
www.impactfirst.co - Business transformation and Odoo consulting
www.impactfind.org - Hiring platform and head ...
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PT. Sumihai Teknologi Indonesia
PT. Sumihai Teknologi Indonesia
Sumihai Teknologi Indonesia (STI) consist of more than 25 years of experience implementing the world’s most popular ERP software system. We have expert team would help you specializing in trading, supply chain management, construction (EPC), manufacturing and Customer Relationships Management (CRM).
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Alterra ERP
Alterra ERP Certified v14
Alterra Indonesia offers you a lending hand to improve your business process and make your business run efficiently by offering our implementation & customization of Odoo ERP systems because an ERP system is like a tailor-made suit - no matter what is the shape of your business, we can tailor-make the fit for you and get you looking sharp and neat.
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PT Sharsys Teknologi Hakiki
PT Sharsys Teknologi Hakiki Certified v15
PT. Sharsys Teknologi Hakiki (SHARSYS) was founded in Bandung by a group of IT Professionals who have a vision to develop information technology that is directly beneficial to its partners. Our consultants have more than fifteen (15) years of implementation experience in finance and accounting, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse, manufacturing, customer relationship management, data warehousing, and IoT.
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PT. Delta Solusi Nusantara
PT. Delta Solusi Nusantara
PT. Delta Solusi Nusantara is in the business of providing innovative solutions to enable digital transformation of enterprises around the world. We specialize in providing enterprise resourcing planning software, & professional services.
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MMP Consulting
MMP Consulting
MMP Consulting adalah perusahaan penyedia jasa implementasi Odoo yang berbasis di Solo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia yang di dukung oleh tenaga ahli yang telah berpengalaman di dunia ERP. Kami telah berpengalaman melakukan Implementasi dan Pengembangan Odoo ERP ke berbagai macam bisnis (Manufactur, Distribution, Retail, Education, Pharmacy, Hospital, Ecommers, Human resource, dll.). Kami siap untuk menjadi partner dan solusi untuk bisnis anda.

Alamat: Jl. Perkutut B1-05 Perum UNS V Palur, Ngringo, Ja ...
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PT HIT Digital Indonesia
PT HIT Digital Indonesia Certified v14
PT. Hasnur Informasi Teknologi was established on October 14th, 2011 located in Jakarta and South of Borneo, Indonesia.

With more than 9 years of experience in providing IT solutions (ERP Implementation and Maintenance, Business Process Re-Engineering, Web Application development, Mobile Application development, Data Integration, IT Infrastructure) in a wide range of business including mining and plantation industries, we provide high-quality and high-value of IT services and solutions to maxim ...
2 посилання
PT Qorser Teknologi
PT Qorser Teknologi
We work with traditional companies, family businesses, and established enterprises who are looking to digitalize their business.
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PT. Edaptec Solusi Indonesia
PT. Edaptec Solusi Indonesia Certified v15
PT Edaptec Solusi Indonesia is a professional company that provides ERP solution services that include Development, Implementation, Support, and Maintenance. We, Edaptec have already implemented various projects on Odoo regarding Odoo customization, Odoo integration, Odoo migration, and other aspects. It was a well, repetitive and challenging way for our skilled developers to enhance their area of knowledge in the field of automation.

We overcame the developmental challenge and produced an au ...
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PT Global Service Indonesia
PT Global Service Indonesia
PT Global Service Indonesia (GSI) was established on December 24, 2014 in Jakarta which is a group of PT United Tractors Tbk. One of the business unit in PT Global Service Indonesia is IT (Hardware & Software) Solution. We provide Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, ERP Implementation, ERP Maintenance, Business Process Re-Engineering.
1 посилання
PT. Altech Omega Andalan
PT. Altech Omega Andalan Certified v15
Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabler; specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Microservices Integration.
1 посилання
PT. Bhinneka Mentaridimensi
PT. Bhinneka Mentaridimensi Certified v14
We connect your business, more than you can imagine.
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PT. Ditama Teknologi Indonesia
PT. Ditama Teknologi Indonesia
PT. Ditama Teknologi Indonesia is present as a provider of products and solutions for the need for technology in Indonesia based on an integrated application system known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
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PT. Vikasa Infinity Anugrah
PT. Vikasa Infinity Anugrah Certified v11
Infinity Solutions is a group of experienced and well rounded team in implementing ERP solution. That expertise is also complemented with years of implementing ERP solutions in large enterprises across multiple industry sectors in our previous career paths. We are certainly ecstatic and looking forward to becoming an extension of your team as well.
1 посилання
Surya Semesta
Surya Semesta
Help make your business simpler, integrated and cost effective
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PT Rect Media Komputindo
PT Rect Media Komputindo
Indonesia leading technical digital agency. Your digital transformation initiatives partner. A consultant for digital initiatives and digital transformations with extensive experience in FMCG and Financial sector.
PT SSB Teknologi Indonesia is Odoo official partner based in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, we can help you to transition from manual work to an automated solution for your ERP needs.
SCTC Living Lab
SCTC Living Lab
SCTC – Smart Community and Technology Center is a dynamic lab innovation community located at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University.
This community was created with a vision to develop digital innovation with integrated business acceleration.
Unotek Dimensi Mandiri
Unotek Dimensi Mandiri Certified v15
A company that provides integrated system services with appropriate consultation to promote and accelerate customers digital business transformation. We enhance your sales journey through application by elaborating sales integration collaboration and customers experience better.
As digital solutions are the most demanding IT system nowadays we are helping our customers step into digital business platforms to be able to bring customers products to market faster (accelerating time to market).