Barcode Scanner


Using Barcode Scanner & Android Devices - FYI

Jonas Temple

So I ran across something yesterday that I'd like to share with the group and hopefully someone can benefit from this information.  

We are about to use mobile devices and bar code scanners to do our first non-tag inventory. Very exciting! So we were prepping a couple of new tablets and bluetooth scanners to make sure everything was working.  When we started the "Barcode" mode for the inventory adjustment we tried to scan a location to jump to a specific location in the warehouse.  So with the prompt "Scan a location" at the top when we scanned a location barcode we would get 1 or more error messages in Odoo stating "Product scan expected" or something to that effect. Sometimes it would be 1 message and sometimes 2 or 3.  We couldn't find a pattern to this behavior and were concerned that someone in the warehouse was going to have to press the "Next" button repeatedly to advance to the location they were starting to count. Not fun. 

We tried several different tablets and scanner combinations but they all had the same issue.  We even dug into the Javascript that handles barcode scanning to see if there was something in there.  What we found were notes about the delay used by Odoo to detect when there were no more characters coming from the scanner.  So that made us think the scanners were too slow and at that point we tried wired scanners into the tablets but with the same results.

So I did what we do best in IT; I googled the issue.  On a recommendation from another website I installed an app onto the tablet called "Hacker's Keyboard".  After setting the hacker's keyboard as the default keyboard AND setting the option in Android to display the on screen keyboard even if there is a physical keyboard attached everything started working nicely! 

What I'm guessing is Google's keyboard was probably slowing down the keystrokes coming from the scanner as it attempted to gather word suggestions and probably capturing every keystroke made for ad purposes.  Since the Hacker's keyboard doesn't do that it doesn't slow down the keystrokes.  

And now everything is working very nicely and we are ready for our first tag-less physical inventory!