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Juma Al Majid Holding Group LLC
Juma Al Majid Holding Group LLC
Al Wasl University:

Industry: Education

Al Wasl University founded in 1986 is a private institution of higher education located in metropolis of Dubai. It is a part of Juma Al Majid Entities basically a charity kind of organizations .Alwasl University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees of higher education in several fields of study. Al wasl university provides students with several academic and non-academic facilities and services, including library and administrative services.

The solution automated all university business processes:

• University Website

• Full Fledged Educational Management System including:

• Admission management

• Timetable management

• Attendance management

• Student academic activities


• Exam management

• Student services

• Student operation (enrollment suspension , re enrollment …etc )

• Graduation management

• Total Back Office support including full ERP solutions:

• Finance & Accounting

• Petty cash management

• Inventory Management

• Purchase Management

• Expense Management

• Recruitment

• HR Management

• Payroll Management

• Portals:

• Students portal

• Employee Self Service

• Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) for student, faculties and administrative services.

National Charity Schools:

Industry: Education

In the field of education, the National Charity School, established in 1983 and a part of the Juma Al Majid group, operates 10 schools across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Their educational program follows the Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum, known for its innovation and global competitiveness.

The school project encompasses all 10 locations and serves approximately 12,500 students, supported by a faculty and employee count of around 950. A comprehensive Educational Management System is in place, handling various aspects such as admissions, timetable, attendance, student activities, learning management, exams, and student services. Additionally, the project includes a fully integrated ERP solution, managing finance, accounting, inventory, purchases, HR, payroll, and more.

To enhance communication and engagement, the school also offers a portal system, including dedicated portals for faculty, parents, students, and an Employee Self Service feature. Furthermore, mobile applications cater to the needs of students, parents, faculties, and administrators, ensuring efficient access to information and resources.
London Academy of Business
London Academy of Business
Founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 at the dawn of the 21st century, London Academy of Business (LAB) is part of a vast network of globally renowned educational institutions. With eight branches situated in various locations around the world, including London, Bradford, Estonia, Istanbul, Bursa, Erbil, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur, our prestigious academy has established a far-reaching presence in the international educational landscape.
The academy is committed to enriching and diversifying its professional educational content in several languages, including Arabic, Turkish, and English.
LAB offers over 100 academic, vocational, and professional training programs that encompass professional master's degrees, diplomas, and training courses in various fields and disciplines (such as finance, accounting, administration, information technology, computer science, and languages). These programs are provided by a team of highly qualified trainers who possess advanced academic and professional credentials, including master's degrees, doctorates, and accreditations.
Our training programs are accessible both on campus and online worldwide, transcending the limits of space and time.
To further improve our educational services, LAB has established partnership agreements with several esteemed educational institutions, including:
• The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
• American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)
• Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)