Abu Dhabi School Of Management - Owned By Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry -  Sole proprietor L.L.C.
Abu Dhabi School Of Management - Owned By Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry - Sole proprietor L.L.C.
Industry: Education – University


The Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM), founded by the Abu Dhabi Chamber is a unique business school in the region, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Their vision is to be a center of excellence for entrepreneurship, leadership and management through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. The implementation of Odoo ERP at the Abu Dhabi School of Management has ushered in a new era of efficiency and integration.

The school now enjoys streamlined administrative processes, with a centralized platform that seamlessly manages tasks such as admissions, student records, and financial operations. Odoo's comprehensive modules have optimized resource allocation, allowing the school to enhance its operational performance and make data-driven decisions.

The ERP system has greatly improved communication and collaboration among different departments, fostering a cohesive and interconnected academic environment. With real-time insights into student performance, attendance, and faculty activities, the Abu Dhabi School of Management has gained a holistic view of its operations. The automation of routine tasks has led to significant time savings, enabling staff to focus more on strategic initiatives and student engagement.

Moreover, the implementation has heightened data security and compliance, ensuring the school adheres to regulatory standards. Overall, Odoo ERP has proven instrumental in elevating the Abu Dhabi School of Management's administrative capabilities, providing a robust foundation for sustained growth and academic excellence.

Orange Seeds Nursery
Orange Seeds Nursery
Orange Seeds Nursery offers Montessori-inspired early education and childcare services. With a vision centered on providing a dynamic and stimulating environment, Orange Seeds Nursery integrates the Montessori philosophy with a British curriculum to maximize each child's potential. They prioritize a child-led approach, fostering essential life skills through exploration and discovery. To streamline their operations, we implemented Odoo ERP, covering various aspects of their business. With Odoo CRM, they efficiently manage client and child information. Operations are seamlessly handled through modules for purchase, accounting, invoicing, human resources, POS for both the nursery and gift shop, kitchen management, and quality control. Additionally, Odoo facilitates headquarters and management oversight through customizable dashboards. To bolster their marketing efforts, Odoo' s marketing modules are utilized, covering website management, email marketing, and other marketing functionalities. Furthermore, an event management system was implemented to manage
birthday celebrations and events hosted at each branch's event room. For efficient HR management, Orange Seeds Nursery utilizes the Kaizen Principles HR mobile application. This application enables seamless attendance tracking, leaves management, scheduling, self-services, and other HR functions, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across all branches. This comprehensive approach empowers Orange Seeds Nursery to deliver exceptional childcare services while optimizing internal processes and enhancing employee satisfaction.