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Al Basateen Al Mutamayza Al Khairya Limited (BMA)
Al Basateen Al Mutamayza Al Khairya Limited (BMA)
Al Basateen Al Mutamayza is a leading construction company based in Saudi Arabia with high commitment to deliver projects that meet the highest industry standards that transform visions into reality.

Upward played a crucial role in facilitating the effective implementation of the Odoo system across various departments at Al Basateen Al Mutamyza. This comprehensive integration spanned critical functions such as CRM, Sales, Contracts, Accounting, Invoicing, Purchase, Employees, Payroll, Expenses, Attendance, Inventory, Project Management, Field Services and Time Sheets resulting in remarkable efficiency gains for Al Basateen Al Mutamyza's operations.

شركة البساتين المتميزة هي شركة عقارية متخصصة في إدارة وتشغيل المجمعات السكنية في المملكة السعودية بمستوى عال من الالتزام لتقديم مشاريع بأعلى معايير الصناعة التي تحول رؤية العميل الحقيقة على أرض الواقع .

قامت أبورد بدور قوي في تنفيذ نظام أودو بفعالية عبر مختلف الأقسام في البساتين المتميزة . تضمن هذا التنفيذ المتكامل وظائف متعددة مثل إدارة العلاقات مع العملاء، والمبيعات، والعقود، والمحاسبة، والفواتير، والمشتريات، وإدارة الموظفين، و الرواتب، والمصاريف، والحضور، وإدارة المخزون، وإدارة المشاريع، وسجلات الوقت، مما أدى إلى تحسين كبير في كفاءة عمليات الشركة من خلال التحكم الشامل لكل الأقسام من منصة واحدة .
Asas Althbat
Asas Althbat
Asas Althbat was established in 2007, to become within a short period of time, one of the leading real estate companies in real estate marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose performance is supervised by specialized professional personnel, at the forefront of whom is the building of solid business relationships, diversified and strategic, targeting various investment projects. This accurate planning has paid off, following the basis for stability in the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was launched to become one of the leading and reliable companies in this field.

ASAS was established as a subsidiary of Sharjah Islamic Bank. ASAS started with the management of the Bank's real estate assets, together with the real estate assets of the Bank's clients, expanding into thousands of individual clients.

ASAS core business is property development, construction, real estate investment and management of properties and assets. It aims at benefiting from available opportunities in the fields of investment and development of real estate projects in UAE.

ASAS real estate brings together the profits and serving the society through applying the concept of the Islamic economy. The concept is based on dealing with assets in wealth investment, in order to add a value to the society through the real estate development.

Over the past years ASAS has sold more than 50 million sq./ft of residential and commercial land, warehouses, buildings, schools, showrooms, offices , villas and apartments.

The company launched many residential and commercial projects in prime locations with competitive pricing and attractive payment plans.

ASAS provides a variety of services such as the development of unique projects which no other real estate company can offer, in house services such as property management, facility management, leasing and valuation offering you an All In Package, and Hassle Free Investment.