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Довіра мільйонів по всьому світу

Golden Square Group
Golden Square Group Енергопостачання
Golden Square Group is one of the most prominent companies in Sudan, with a stable 10% benefit growth average every year. One of the strengths of Golden Square Group is its ability to predict deep structural fluctuations affecting Sudan, both economically and politically, and the Group understood the importance of a strong foundation for its companies in order to face the difficult times ahead and to remain a key market player.

"With 320 key employees and revenue of 13 million dollars between 2013 and 2017, Golden Square Group is a market leader in Sudan in fields of Power industry and solutions , Industrial construction , ICT solutions and medical services.
Nada Properties specializes in real estate and facility management. Our mission is to reflect a passion for life in facility management and tenants satisfactions by providing the most secure and productive work environment, which is recognized as value for money whilst delivering world leading services.
Tesla Co. LTD
Tesla Co. LTD Енергопостачання
In 2004 Tesla was built with the sole intention to bridge elegance and finance so making a compromise is a thing of the past. Tesla will provide lighting beauty that suits your taste without putting a dent on your wallet. Once you step into Tesla land you will find that all your lighting dreams will become an instant reality with the all the different products that we offer. Here in Tesla, we keep in sync with modernity, dynamic changes and the latest trends. We are a local company with global ambitions.
Toucan Engineering Co. Ltd.
Toucan Engineering Co. Ltd. Енергопостачання
TOUCAN is a multi-activity well established company located in Sudan. Due to the continuous demand of power generating equipment TOUCAN decided to provide power solution to its customers in 2012. TOUCAN is established after a deep survey of the generators market and identification of customer needs in Sudan, parallel with a survey conducted in Europe and Asia for finding reliable known brands that suit Sudan market specifications and features. TOUCAN reached an agreement with a reputable OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and assembly facilities in Europe and Asia for the supply of an excellent generators with original European standards, components and original spare parts.