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JANA LTD Produksi
Jana is a fully fledged factory that covers several diversified production lines. Jana manufactures threads and textiles, and makes apparels.
EBTECH implemented Odoo ERP for three of Jana’s main activities (knitting, dyeing, and sewing) including manufacturing, quality assurance, accounting, costing, inventory, sales, purchasing, POS, and HR.
Miamed Pharmaceutical Industries
Miamed Pharmaceutical Industries Produksi
Miamed Factory is located in Dimas area on the slopes of Mount Hermon and the snow-capped mountains, where the purity of the atmosphere and the purity of water and the environment.

At Miamed, we believe that every person deserves the best possible chance for a healthier life. Herewith, the vision of Miamed was to adopt the latest best practices and international medical studies in the development and manufacturing of Intravenous Solutions & Hemodialysis Solutions and Bi-Carbs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading and trusted pharmaceutical manufacturer by applying international quality standards and best practices to produce the highest quality medicines at competitive prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to attract and develop the brightest talent with a passion for excellence and a desire to produce medicines, which promote patient health and longevity.

Our values determine how we work together and the behaviors that are integral to our drive for success. Our values guide our decision-making, define our beliefs and foster a strong entrepreneurial culture.
Modern Company for Glass Industries
Modern Company for Glass Industries Produksi
The Modern Company for Glass Industries (MCGI) is a regional leader in glass containers manufacturing with a total production capacity of 90,000 tones/year.

We produce custom-designed glass containers (bottles and jars) in for a variety of industries including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Our consultancy division works closely with clients offering them advice and solutions to their production challenges, helping them increase their profitability and market share.

Our plant was founded in 2010 in Hasyaa Industrial Zone in the city of Homs. This strategic location, at the heart of Syria, provides us with a logistical advantage, allowing us to be consistently reliable in serving our clients’ needs nationally and internationally.

Importers and merchants across the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa choose MCGI because of our cutting-edge facility, comprising the latest technologies in production and inspection machinery, guaranteeing clients the utmost quality.

The Modern Company for Glass Industries (MCGI) is ISO9001 certified. All our products enjoy top level of international quality standards. Our clients and agents cover a wide international area, exporting to the Middle East, The Gulf, North Africa and Europe.
Prochem L.L.C
Prochem L.L.C Produksi
Prochem Corporation LTD is a large producer of mineral oils and greases manufacturer. Prochem Corporation LTD produces a very high-quality car oil compared to the big players in this market.