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AddBloom SAL
AddBloom SAL Entertainment
Their challenge: local accounting software with many limitations on the reporting, not user friendly and not accessible from outside the office.
How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: provide their customization on the accounting module of Odoo and unlimited reporting that is basic in Odoo features and hosting the service on the cloud.
Addbloom is full service social media and digital marketing agency with offices in Lebanon, Dubai and North America. Addbloom has grew throughout the years to collect multi-national clients.
Addbloom had a local accounting software but yet missing lots of features and functionalities. Odoo accounting module with Azkatech customization for the Lebanese chart of account and VAT declaration has provided Addbloom with the essential platform to move all their history accounting data to Odoo.
Integrating two level companies to manage the S.A.L and Offshore registered companies from one single platform allowing to have consolidated financial reports, P&L and cash flow.
On another hand, the cloud hosting made it easy for manager to access important information on the go and while abroad and makes timely and informed decisions.
Artixium France
Artixium France Entertainment
Artixium Display fabrique des panneaux à LED et concoit des affichages perosnnalisé à LED. Artixium fourni les écrans LED pour les principaux marchés de l'industrie: Sport, Média, Événementiel.
Artproof OÜ
Artproof OÜ Entertainment
Artproof is a service oriented fine art laboratory. We work with artists to print their vision, as envisioned, and deliver it framed for private or public exhibition. Artproof offers you a one-stop full service — scanning, retouching, printing, mounting, framing, Diasec®, packing, crating and shipping. We print over 100 photo exhibitions every year for artists from all over the world.

Bounce INC Egypt
Bounce INC Egypt Entertainment
BOUNCE is a global brand, originally started in Australia. BOUNCE is all about the energy and the movement. BOUNCE encourages people to trust their bodies, to free themselves, and move boldly.
Brussels Kart
Brussels Kart Entertainment
Welcome at the fastest indoor & outdoor karting track of Brussels.
Invite your friends, familiy or your company event for a great karting session on our in&outdoor track!
Brussels Kart offers you a full-option kartfleet with also junior karts
Bulldog TV Spain, S.L.
Bulldog TV Spain, S.L. Entertainment
Fundada en 2015, Bulldog TV es una productora de televisión que nace con el objetivo de producir programas de todos los géneros para un público comercial.

Su actividad se centra tanto en la adaptación de grandes formatos internacionales, tales como “Celebrity Survivor” (“Supervivientes”, reality de PT en directo), “Uomini e Donne” (“Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa”, dating diario en DT), “MTV Super Shore” (reality de producción internacional) , “Guess my Age” (El Concurso del Año, programa diario en DT), así como en la creación y desarrollo de formatos originales como “Volverte a ver” (emotainment semanal de PT).

En sus primeros tres años de vida ha producido con éxito mas de 1500 horas de televisión y se ha convertido en un referente en el mercado de la producción en España.
Caribe Media, SRL
Caribe Media, SRL Entertainment
The partner does not want to be published yet
Charter&Dreams Yacht Services SL
Charter&Dreams Yacht Services SL Entertainment
Charter & Dreams es una empresa dedicada al alquiler de yates y barcos en el mediterraneo, Caribe y Bahamas. Cuenta con diferentes oficinas repartidas en diferentes puertos para la gestión y soporte a clientes. La integracion con Odoo ha sido desde de todos los procesos de venta, alquiler, relacion con cliente y contabilidad.
DG Solutions
DG Solutions Entertainment
DG Solutions is a company that offers marketing services targeted direct mail campaigns to healthcare market research support. They offer a full range of services from printing business cards and brochures to end-to-end solutions for large-scale national mailing projects, along with extensive experience in market research, online surveys, design, print, mail, and data capture.
Decibelpixel Ltda.
Decibelpixel Ltda. Entertainment
Expertos en la integración de tecnologías de audio y video en diversas industrias como el retail, minería, transporte, salud y servicios. Nuestro alto nivel de especialización y conocimiento nos permite entregar a nuestros clientes una completa asesoría para tomar la mejor decisión de compra y para llevar a cabo cualquier proyecto de integración audiovisual, desde el equipamiento de pequeños espacios hasta complejas soluciones para centros comerciales o edificios corporativos.
Dokument Press 26 AB
Dokument Press 26 AB Entertainment
Dokument Press is both a publisher and a knowledge providing company with its roots in the Swedish hip hop movement. The company started in 2000, but has its origin in the graffiti magazine UP that was founded in 1992. Today, we have extended our range to include all types of urban cultural expressions.
Easy Rent
Easy Rent Entertainment
Easy Rent is a leading company that has started in early 2017 to be within 2 years one of the most leading companies in apartments rent’s field
Editora Referência Ltda
Editora Referência Ltda Entertainment
Bem-vindxs ao veículo especializado que há mais tempo cobre a indústria da comunicação, marketing e mídia.
FO2, S.L. (Magma)
FO2, S.L. (Magma) Entertainment
Magma se dedica a crear, producir y gestionar soluciones integrales de diseño y comunicación para sus clientes: Naming, Marca, Diseño gráfico, Fotografía, Marketing Web, Catálogos, etc..
Feer Mcqueen Sarl
Feer Mcqueen Sarl Entertainment
Feer McQueein is a one stop shop for everything digital production. They take care of the whole workflow from branding, design, advertising, animation and even studio production.

The challenge: with more than 70 employees working in multidisciplinary digital industries, covering markets in Lebanon, MENA and Europe, it became challenging to keep the tap on invoicing, profitability by projects, P&L by department, product or client.

Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them via implementing a one single solution on top of Odoo that covered Marketing, CRM, Sales, invoicing, accounting, project management and in addition to a full-fledged HR.

The implementation was finalized before the covid-19 and it turns out a great tool that helped FeerMcQueen to resume work remotely with minimum overhead.

After the implementation, reports that used to take days to be done, now they are generated with a single click thus providing upper management instant insights to act upon.