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A.R. Thomson Group, Peter Preeper
A.R. Thomson Group, Peter Preeper Produksi
Regional Manufacturer & Distributor Of Industrial Gaskets, Seals, Valves, Hoses, Expansion Joints, Fasteners & Other Fluid Control & Containment Products
Maintenant, vous pouvez facilement adapter votre vélo de route préféré et le convertir en un système de vélo électrique puissant et complet en quelques minutes seulement, sans les coûts et les problèmes d’installation généralement élevés associés aux vélo
AON3D Produksi
AON3D makes industrial 3D printers designed for printing high performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, Ultem™ 9085 and more.
Toronto's leading metal supplier offering a wide range of quality metal products for projects of all sizes. Aluminum to stainless steel, call us first!
Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.
Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. Produksi
Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. offers top-notch packaging machinery and associated expendable commodities for key industrial sectors or your agricultural needs in Ontario. Contact today!
Electric Horsepower Inc.
Electric Horsepower Inc. Produksi
Electric Horsepower is an industrial electric services company which develops products such as light towers, boilers, flameless heaters, and cutting dryer.
Excelsense Technologies
Excelsense Technologies Produksi
The world's only standalone self-cleaning cameras from ExcelSense Technologies. Perform maintenance-free monitoring on mining drills, haul trucks, conveyor belts, transfer points, crushers, stackers/reclaimers, shiploaders, material chutes, continuous ...
FIBOS Canada
FIBOS Canada Produksi
Optical measurement solutions to capture pressure, temperature and vibration data in extreme environments up to 1000°C
Francis Mailhot
Francis Mailhot Produksi
Maxidrill offers an extensive range of drill rigs and drilling products. Everything to help you make more meters, faster for you money.
Grimard Produksi
*Grimard est une entreprise familiale qui, depuis ses débuts en 1944, oeuvre dans le secteur de l'Énergie. Elle n'a cessé de s'accroître pour devenir 75 plus tard ans un acteur majeur dans le secteur. Aujourd'hui, elle compte 5 divisions différentes: Électricité, Construction, Automatisation, Télécommunications, Stratégie & Gestion.
La grande force de Grimard réside dans l'expertise de chacune de ses divisions ainsi que dans la synergie qui les unit.
*Grimard is a family business operating in the the Energy sector since its beginning in 1944. It hasn't stop growing and today, 75 years later it has become a major player in this sector. Grimard now counts 5 different divisions: Electricity, Construction, Automation, Telecommunications, Strategy & Management.
Grimard's main strength resides in the expertise of its 5 divisions as well as the synergy between them.
IDES Canada DBA Scentroid
IDES Canada DBA Scentroid Produksi
SCENTROID is the world’s premier manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment. With decades of experience developing state-of-the-art instrumentation for environment, nuclear, and medical industries, we bring new and innovative technologies to the field of odour measurement. Our clients include government agencies, environmental laboratories, research institutions, and industries dealing with odour nuisances.
Jan-Pro Canada East
Jan-Pro Canada East Produksi
Our company culture is built on trust, reliability and excellence in cleaning. We offer customized commercial cleaning plans and dedicated support from janitorial cleaners who are franchise owners, not hourly employees.
MDS Coating Technologies Corp., MDS Coating
MDS Coating Technologies Corp., MDS Coating Produksi
Since 1997, MDS Coating Technologies has developed and applied metallic-ceramic protective coatings used in commercial, military and industrial sectors.
Oakleaf Produksi
Oenologues de formations, les connaissances techniques des membres de Oak Leaf en font des alliés de choix pour guider le client vers les bons produits.
Pack-Smart Inc.
Pack-Smart Inc. Produksi
We are the leading manufacturer of automated packaging solutions for various markets including telecommunications, banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare and fmcg.
Shell-O-Matic Produksi
Accumulant des décennies d'expérience dans l'automatisation, des experts de disciplines clés telles que la robotique, l'électronique, la mécanique, l'ingénierie industrielle et logicielle travaillent ensemble pour analyser la situation unique de chaque client et créer des solutions d'automatisation personnalisées pour les fonderies à travers le monde.
Shell-O-Matic compte plus de 300 installations de moulage personnalisé au cours des 40 dérnière années pour des fonderies à travers le globe, allant dela petite à la haute capacité.
Accumulating decades of experience in automation, experts from key disciplines such as robotics, electronics, mechanics, industrial and software engineering work together to analyze each customer’s unique situation and create customized automation solutions for foundries across the world.
Shell-O-Matic has designed more than 300 custom investment casting installations over the past 40 years for foundries across the world, from small scale to large capacity.