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Kayan Doors
Kayan Doors Produksi
Kayan Doors is now one of the largest Omani companies involved in trading of interior and exterior doors. True noble artisan techniques, master craftsmen consummately perpetuate day after day timeless gestures, lending their sharp eyes and deftness of touch to the fine art of door making while remaining abreast of the latest technological developments.
Local Line LLC
Local Line LLC Produksi
Local line is considered as one of the leading supplier of Drilling Chemicals products in the Middle East countries.GPC: Gulf Potash Corp. Main distributer for kcl in the Arabian Gulf Countries Localine Oman: Is the sole supplier of kcl in Oman.
United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co. LLC
United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co. LLC Produksi
"By way of brief introduction, UGPM is a joint venture between key players in the Middle East region, namely National Industries Group-Kuwait, Krah Middle East and other high net worth individuals to manufacture HDPE and PP based polymer products. Utilizing unique and innovative manufacturing technologies from Krah, Germany, we produce high quality pipes, manholes and other related plastic products serving primarily applications in sewage and water treatment plants, outfall pipelines, mining industry, ventilation pipe systems, industrial pipelines, storage tanks and containers etc.

Krah Products are well known worldwide with operations in countries all over the world. We provide additional services to our customers, such as strong after sales service, project studying, training, technical & general support, and endorsement from well known and reputed technical companies from around the world.

Their factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines provided by the world leader in pipe manufacturing technology, Krah Germany and other reputed manufacturers.

Using the most innovative technology, UGPM Co. primarily produces HDPE and PP pipes, manholes, house connections and other accessories."