Allow customers to rate their experience with your helpdesk teams to strengthen your credibility and gain their trust. Reviews can also influence a customer’s decision and open space for feedback that can help you improve the quality of your services.

Set up

Go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams and enable Ratings on tickets. The feature automatically adds a default email template on the non-folded closing stage(s) of that team.

Overview of the settings page of a helpdesk team emphasizing the rating on ticket feature in Odoo Helpdesk

To edit the email template and the stage(s) set as the closing ones, go to the Kanban view of your helpdesk team and click on Settings, then on Edit Stage.

Overview of a helpdesk team kanban view emphasizing the menu edit stage in Odoo Helpdesk

Now, once a ticket reaches the stage(s) designated as the Closing Stage, an email is sent to the customer.

View of a standard helpdesk customer review email template for Odoo Helpdesk

Ratings can be seen on the chatter of each ticket, under the See Customer Satisfaction link on the main dashboard, and through Reporting.

Ratings visible on the customer portal

Go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams and enable Display Rating on Customer Portal. Now, by clicking on the helpdesk team’s name on their ticket, customers can see its ratings.

View of the helpdesk ticket from a user’s portal emphasizing the link to the helpdesk team in Odoo Helpdesk