Odoo mobile apps

Two kind of Odoo mobile app exist: the progressive web app (PWA) and store apps. Using the PWA is recommended.

Progressive web app (PWA)

PWAs are web-based applications designed to function across different devices and platforms, leveraging web browsers to deliver user experiences similar to native apps.

The Odoo PWA features include:

  • Quick access by adding the PWA to a device’s home screen

  • Seamless and borderless navigation experience

  • Push notifications

  • SSO authentication

To install the Odoo PWA, launch a browser supporting PWAs, and sign in to an Odoo database. The instructions to install a PWA depend on the platform and browser used.

Chrome: open Chrome’s menu (), select Install app, and tap Install.

Firefox: open Firefox’s menu (), select Install, and either touch and hold the Odoo icon or tap Add automatically.

The PWA can also be installed with Samsung Internet, Edge, and Opera.

Store apps

The Odoo mobile apps are available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The iOS app cannot be updated and will be deprecated at some point in the future.

While the store apps support multi-accounts, they are not compatible with SS0 authentication.