Mail Plugins

Mail Plugins are connectors that bridge your mailbox with your Odoo database. With them, you can interact with your Odoo database directly from your mailbox by:

  • Creating leads and centralizing prospects’ emails into the CRM app.

  • Generating tasks in any Odoo project.

  • Creating tickets in the Helpdesk app.

  • Searching and storing insights on your contacts.

Mail Plugins are available for Outlook and Gmail.


Mail Plugins are free to install and use.

However, they can provide Lead Enrichment, which is part of a paid service known as Lead Generation.

Mail plugins allow you to test Lead Enrichment for free, whether you connect the plugins to a database or not. After a while, the plugins ask you to buy In-app purchases (IAP) credits if you would like to keep using this service.

Lead Generation IAP service

Lead Enrichment uses the Lead Generation IAP service. Each request consumes one Lead Generation credit.

To buy credits, go to Settings ‣ CRM ‣ Lead Enrichment ‣ Buy credits and select a package.