Online payment order confirmation

With Odoo Sales, online payments can be used to get automatic confirmation on orders.

Enable online payment

Go to Sales app ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, scroll to the Quotations & Orders heading, and activate the Online Payment feature by checking the box next to it, and clicking Save.

How to enable online payment on Odoo Sales.

After checking the box beside the Online Payment feature, a link to the Payment Acquirers appears beneath it. Click that link to reveal the entire Payment Acquirers page.

Payment acquirers page in the Odoo Sales application.

On the Payment Acquirers page, payment acquirers can be selected and configured. Before creating (or modifying) a payment acquirer, be sure to review the documentation related to the ways payment acquirers can be used with Odoo, such as:


On quotation templates, the Online Payment feature is located under the Confirmation tab.

On standard quotations, the Online Payment feature is located under the Other Info tab.

Register a payment

After opening quotations from the email they receive, customers are presented with different options to make online payments, in the Pay with section.

How to register a payment on Odoo Sales.


Clicking the Customer Preview smart button on the quotation form provides a preview of the quotation as the customer sees it, along with the various online payment options they can choose from.