Timed and randomized questions

When creating a survey in Odoo, there are options to set a time limit on the survey and randomize the questions.

Time limit

During a timed survey, participants must finish the survey within a specified period of time. A common use case for implementing a time limit is that it greatly reduces the chance of participants looking up responses via external resources (e.g. web search), and reduces the survey to a “closed book” testing environment.

Find the Survey Time Limit setting in the Options tab of the survey form, under the Questions section.

Time limit field in the options tab of a survey template form.

When the Survey Time Limit option is checked, a timer will be displayed on every page of the survey, letting participants keep track of the time remaining while the survey is active.


Participants that do not submit their survey by the preconfigured time limit will not have their answers saved.

Randomized selection

When a survey is randomized, Odoo shuffles the questions and reveals them in a random order every time a participant begins the questionnaire. Using randomization as a survey method discourages participants from looking at each other’s responses, and helps control for individual testing.

To randomize a survey, click the Options tab on the survey form. In the Questions section, select Randomized per section for the Selection field. After enabling, navigate to the Questions tab and look in the Random questions count column. From there, determine how many questions (per section) Odoo should select and display during the shuffling of questions.

Randomized question count in the questions tab of a survey.

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