Commands and Canned Responses

Using canned responses can help you save time and have a previous, well-thought response, to some of your most common questions and comments.

Use commands

Commands are shortcuts that do specific actions within the chat window:

  1. /help: shows a help message.

  2. /helpdesk: creates a helpdesk ticket.

  3. /helpdesk_search: searches for a helpdesk ticket.

  4. /history: shows the last 15 visited pages.

  5. /lead: creates a new lead.

  6. /leave: leaves the channel.


- For helpdesk tickets: make sure the application is installed on your database and the option Live Chat under Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams is enabled.
- For leads: the CRM application must be installed on your database.

To access the ticket or lead created from the chat, click on the shortcut link.

View of the chat window with a helpdesk ticket created in Odoo Live Chat


Helpdesk tickets created from the chat automatically add the conversation as a description of the ticket. The same goes for the creation of a lead.

Send canned responses

Canned responses allow you to have a full piece of text being placed when you type a shortcut word. To create them, go to Live Chat ‣ Configuration ‣ Canned Responses.
To use them during a conversation, simply type : followed by the shortcut word you created.
View of a chat window and the use of a canned response in Odoo Live Chat

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