Shapes are handy if you want to add personality to your website.

In this chapter, you will learn how to add standard and custom background and image shapes.

Background shapes

Background shapes are SVG files that you can add as a decorative background in your different sections. Each shape has one or several customizable colors, and some of them are animated.


A large selection of default background shapes is available.


<section data-oe-shape-data="{'shape':'web_editor/Zigs/06'}">
    <div class="o_we_shape o_web_editor_Zigs_06"/>
    <div class="container">
        <!-- Content -->

data-oe-shape-data is the location of your shape.

Flip the shape horizontally or vertically by using the X or Y axis.

<section data-oe-shape-data="{'shape':'web_editor/Zigs/06','flip':[x,y]}">
    <div class="o_we_shape o_we_flip_x o_we_flip_y o_web_editor_Zigs_06"/>
    <div class="container">
        <!-- Content -->

Colors mapping

You can also change the default color mapping of your shape.

Switch colors mapping

First, put the c* color (here 4).

Then, the replacement color (here 3). These replacement colors also range from 1 to 5:

  • 1 = background color of the color preset 1 (o-cc1).

  • 2 = background color of the color preset 2 (o-cc2).

  • 3 = background color of the color preset 3 (o-cc3).

  • 4 = background color of the color preset 4 (o-cc4).

  • 5 = background color of the color preset 5 (o-cc5).

$o-bg-shapes: change-shape-colors-mapping('web_editor', 'Zigs/06', (4: 3, 5: 1));
Add extra colors mapping

Adding extra color mapping allows you to add a color variant to the template of a shape while keeping the original.

$o-bg-shapes: add-extra-shape-colors-mapping('web_editor', 'Zigs/06', 'second', (4: 3, 5: 1));
<section data-oe-shape-data="{'shape':'web_editor/Zigs/06'}">
    <div class="o_we_shape o_web_editor_Zigs_06 o_second_extra_shape_mapping"/>
    <div class="container">
        <!-- Content -->


Sometimes, your design might require creating one or several custom shapes.

Firstly, you need to create an SVG file for your shape.

<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" width="86" height="100">
    <polygon points="0 25, 43 0, 86 25, 86 75, 43 100, 0 75" style="fill: #3AADAA;"/>

Make sure to use colors from the default Odoo palette for your shape.

default_palette = {
    '1': '#3AADAA',
    '2': '#7C6576',
    '3': '#F6F6F6',
    '4': '#FFFFFF',
    '5': '#383E45',

Declare your shape file.

<record id="shape_hexagon_01" model="ir.attachment">
    <field name="name">01.svg</field>
    <field name="datas" type="base64" file="website_airproof/static/shapes/hexagons/01.svg"/>
    <field name="url">/web_editor/shape/illustration/hexagons/01.svg</field>
    <field name="public" eval="True"/>




Name of the shape


Path to the shape



Makes the shape available for later editing.

Define the styles of your shape.

$o-bg-shapes: map-merge($o-bg-shapes,
        'illustration': map-merge(
            map-get($o-bg-shapes, 'illustration') or (),
                'hexagons/01': ('position': center center, 'size': auto 100%, 'colors': (1), 'repeat-x': true, 'repeat-y': true),



File location

hexagons/01 corresponds to the location of your file in the shapes folder.


Defines the position of your shape.


Defines the size of your shape.


Defines the color c* you want it to have (this will override the color you specified in your SVG).


Defines if the shape is repeated horizontally. This key is optional and only needs to be defined if set to true.


Defines if the shape is repeated vertically. This key is optional and only needs to be defined if set to true.

Lastly, add your shape to the list of shapes available on the Website Builder.

<template id="snippet_options_background_options" inherit_id="website.snippet_options_background_options" name="Shapes">
    <xpath expr="//*[hasclass('o_we_shape_menu')]/*[last()]" position="after">
        <we-select-page string="Theme">
            <we-button data-shape="illustration/hexagons/01" data-select-label="Hexagon 01"/>

Your custom shape can now be used the same way as standard shapes.

Image shapes

Image shapes are SVG files you can add as a clipping mask on your images. Some shapes have customizable colors, and some are animated.


A large selection of default image shapes is available.


<img src="..."
    class="img img-fluid mx-auto"




Location of the shape


Colors applied to the shape


Sometimes, your image shape might not be applied after adding your changes. To fix the issue, open the Website Builder and save the page to force the shape to load.