Balfin Real Estate & HOSPITALITY
Balfin Real Estate & HOSPITALITY
Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality is part of Balfin Group. BALFIN Group (Balkan Finance Investment Group) is the biggest investment group in the Balkans region. Founded in 1993 in Vienna by Mr. Samir Mane, today the Group has a presence in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

BALFIN is a diversified group active in wholesale and retail, banking, real estate, asset management, tourism, media, and logistics. The Group employs approximately 5,000 people, whose dedication and passion remain key to the Group's success history in these 30 years.

Founded in 2018, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality comes as a Hub, developed with a clear focus on all services regarding the real estate market and more, making it an innovative company with a 360-degree coverage.The added value of this company exists in the three main pillars from which it has founded its philosophy and the way of making business:

• Real Estate
• Asset and Property Management
• Hospitality management and services

Working along

Working with the biggest group in Albania has been a real challenge for Zero but at the same time one of the most exciting projects, that will be in our memories for long. We were honored to participate in a project with the biggest Real Estate Company in Albania &Region and we accepted the challenges to serve all their need regarding a full 360-degree solution for Real Estate Management.

They are a dynamic team and very well organized. All the requests were prepared clearly and on point based on a long study they used to do on their operations. After a lot of effort and hard work they are finally live on Odoo, handling their daily operations and aiming for any opportunity along their way.

We would like to share more about our experience and project in general but every other detail regarding project is base in a strict non-disclosure agreement.

We are happy and proud to support them now during their journey in Odoo.
Being part of the giant German group Maritim has made Marina Bay become a standard in our region and known as the most luxurious resort in the Balkan area.

There are few places left in the world where true peace and tranquility can be found, Maritim Marina Bay Luxury Resort & Spa is one of them. Having a great location in Albania, this beautiful bay is a paradise in the middle of unspoiled nature.

Maritim Marina Bay Luxury Resort and Spa is a 20,000m² complex, complete with services and residential accommodation. An exclusive beach-side resort with beautiful architecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine, and stunning sea views that will make for a wonderful trip.

Since the beginning of their journey, the resort used to operate with three different software, a POS for the services, a PMS for the hotel management, and local accounting software to manage the financial operations. Their owner Geri, a special character with a determined personality and a background in mathematics & data science, had for so long a vision to bring all operations of the resort into one software with a focus to create the main dashboard that will make him control and manage all the resort's data in the palm of the hand.

When we first met and discussed their focus and vision we knew that this would be one of the most difficult challenges that Zero has ever faced but we were sure and believed in what Odoo can offer and how can help the owner to fulfill their vision.

As we started the project, we have done a full analysis of all the operations. Doing meetings, analyzing with every department, and making sure to conclude each need and request. After a period of 10 months with intensive work and a strong passion for the projects they went live and replaced all three software in Odoo which consist of two restaurants, two beach bars, two pool bars, one lounge, a hotel with 150+ rooms, the finance department, maintenance department, to operate fully in Odoo.

A tremendous effort has been put into projects to bring everything together but in the end, has made us enormously proud of how we could help Marina Bay and the owner to follow his path and their big vision. As the road is not easy we are constantly helping them. We are extremely happy to be along them during their journey and support their day-to-day operation with Odoo.