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Buffalo Wings & Rings (Jenan Co.)
Buffalo Wings & Rings (Jenan Co.) Speisen
Wings & Rings is a Cincinnati-based sports restaurant franchise. It offers a menu of Buffalo wings, burgers, salads, and sandwiches

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Sheen Restaurant
Sheen Restaurant Speisen
SHEEN the Arabic letter, with a shimmer, just like our dishes that combine the old and the new. A unique dining experience from the blessings of the Levant, blending our heritage and our presence with culinary secrets.
We are located in Jabal Amman, this is our address: Villa number 1, Second Circle, Abu Tamam St., Amman – Jordan"
شركة جيهانغير لادارة وتشغيل المطاعم
شركة جيهانغير لادارة وتشغيل المطاعم Speisen
A company that seeks to make its mark in the food and beverage industry through enhancing restaurant and cafe operations and management with their own Oliva & 'Rumi. Two places that are highly regulated and carefully managed to ensure production practices are always up to code. They combine the diversity and quality in their presented consumer products in the hope of growing their chain and becoming a great pillar of the industry.