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Ajwad Boga Indonesia PT
Ajwad Boga Indonesia PT Speisen
PT. Ajwad Boga Indonesia is a company operating in the food and beverage (FnB) industry, providing a menu of Middle Eastern cuisine rich in spices and authentic flavors. Located in East Jakarta, Ajwad Store is easily accessible to culinary enthusiasts from all over Indonesia and especially the Jabodetabek area.
Realfood Speisen
Didirikan pada tahun 2014, PT. Realfood Winta Asia merupakan perusahaan yang memproduksi makanan & minuman suplemen kesehatan asal Kabupaten Bojonegoro dengan kantor cabang di Surabaya dan Jakarta.
UD Bintang Walet
UD Bintang Walet Speisen
UD. Bintang Walet is a company engaged in the agricultural industry which produces snacks, including atomic beans, duo beans, peanut eggs, and pang-pang. The production process is carried out at UD. Bintang Walet is supported by abundant basic materials in the Central Java region.
Yummy Corp
Yummy Corp Speisen
"Yummy Corp is a food and beverage company that also offers catering services. The company is a subsidiary of the Ismaya Group, a leading Lifestyle Food & Beverage company with over 70 outlets in Indonesia, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Yummy Corp, with 15 years of culinary experience, offers four main service categories under the motto ""Tasty solutions for all needs,"" including Food Facility Management, Corporate Branded Outlet, Meeting & Event Packages, and Yummybox."