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Al Watania Distribution Company
Al Watania Distribution Company Speisen
Watania Distribution Company
Estabilsh in iraq 2018 and work with nestle barnd( baci and Perugina )chocolate and
with Burcu turkish food.
Baghdad Hotel
Baghdad Hotel Speisen
Baghdad Hotel is the first and oldest hotels in Baghdad and Middle East. The hotel was established in 1953 and opened in 1958. The hotel overlooks the six towers on the Tigris River and the other side on Al-Saadoun Street. The hotel is distinguished from other hotels through a wonderful range of services and amenities. Give guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Bahar Group
Bahar Group Speisen
Bahar Group is one of the biggest group of companies in Iraq. They are the exclusive distributor of 10 international brands with some factories and refineries and more then 500 employees.
Buffalo Restaurant
Buffalo Restaurant Speisen
Buffalo Wings & Rings


Since 1984, when we served our very first wing in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’ve been all about great food and the ultimate sports fan experience. Sure, we’ve always been a little wing-obsessed, but look how we’ve grown over the years.

We continue to add cravable options to our menu and openings to our map of 80+ locations. Your Buffalove made us grow into a destination for families and friends to gather and enjoy sharing signature food, drinks, and a fun entertaining dining experience.

Our mission is to make every guest leave happier than when they walked in.
Chef Bulbol
Chef Bulbol Speisen
شيف بلبل : هي شركة رائدة في مجال الاغذية الجاهزة والمجمدة وفق اعلى معايير الجودة لتلبية متطلبات الحيات العصرية المتسارعة
وسهولة تقديمها في المنزل او في اماكن العمل لتصبح جاهزة للاكل خلال مدة لاتتجاوز العشر دقائق وهي متوفرة ومتاحة بجميع
خبرة الشيف بلبل تتراس تجهيزات المطاعم في العراق وتركيا ومصر بشهادات معتمدة على مستوى متقدم في تحضير المينيو وتدريب
كوادر العمل وتوريد وتجهيز المطاعم والتنوع بين ثقافات المطاعم الغربية والشرقية
Chilli House and Lee's
Chilli House and Lee's Speisen
The Daoud Legacy Is Born!

Jordanian Daoud Family immigrates to Cincinnati& Would carefully craft chili to perfection; growing their 1 diner to over 100 restaurants!


Chili House Is Born!

Member of the Daoud Family move back to their Homeland of Jordan with the same desire to build an iconic brand.


Chili House Is Born!

It’s All About Chili Love!

We are still baking , grinding & cooking our food fresh every day! We serve you in the most hospitable-way , it’s in our DNA! Withe over 133 locations in 7 countries! YALLA, CHILI!
First Choice
First Choice Speisen
Established in 2015 with Iraqi local cadres, First Choice is a real Restaurant Consulting Specialist. Our main job is to help restaurateurs and lifestyle investors launch and operate highly viable restaurants businesses with scalability in mind. We have done it many times with our tailored strategies and strategic thinkers of a dynamic team under the high growth rates of sustainable solutions in the field.

Our team is truly professional experts with varied and versatile skills set to be employed not only add great value in a short period of time but to also work like prime assistants to your management to give your business a long-term boost