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Black Gold Equipment
Black Gold Equipment Andere Dienstleistungen
Black Gold is a leading enterprise in the field of wastewater removal, transportation and disposal in Bahrain. With years of experience, we have sewage suction solutions while maintaining safety and regulations regarding waste and in transporting irrigation water to farms, construction sites, and swimming pools through dedicated trucks.
DARAN W.L.L Andere Dienstleistungen
Daran is a registered company with the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain since May 2018 as a limited company (WLL) under Commercial Registration 122329-1. Daran is currently operating from Darkulaib in the Northern Governorate of Bahrain.

Daran offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs, and can help to work smarter and reach the customer goals. The professional services that Daran can offers are: Accounting, Business advisory, Marketing, Support schemes, Computer systems, Outsourcing, Investment search, Restructuring.
Fiore beauty spa
Fiore beauty spa Andere Dienstleistungen
Beauty Fiore beauty spa offer a wide range of services to enhance your beauty, relaxation, and overall wellness. Some common services offered at beauty spas include:
Facials, massages, waxing, manicures, body treatment and hair care
Mancave Saloon
Mancave Saloon Andere Dienstleistungen
Mancave offer a variety of services related to beauty and personal care. They aim to help customers look and feel their best by providing high-quality services and products.
Naderah Beauty Center
Naderah Beauty Center Andere Dienstleistungen
We believe that healthy hair is just as important as beautiful hair. Our mission has always been to improve the health of our client’s hair. We constantly research the latest quality products available in order to give you the best results.
Najam Plastic
Najam Plastic Andere Dienstleistungen
Najam Plastics WLL, is a leading Wholesaler and manufacture of household items in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Najam Plastics strives to offers its customers, a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of superior quality household products.
titolo design
titolo design Andere Dienstleistungen
Titolo Design & Build design ideology provides a different prospective which underline our philosophy of creating design concepts that are unique to each client. We adapt a Single Point of Contact approach, which provides piece of mind to our clients while their projects undertake a hassle free and smooth completion. In addition to construction project execution we specialize in interior & exterior design, landscape design, handles all phases of any given project including the preparation of feasibility studies, schematic drawings, detailed estimates, the preparation of tender documents, tender analysis and the award of contracts. Also, our services include selling decor products and materials. Our customers’ list includes companies in both local and international market in addition to individuals.