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Qarooni & Partners Legal Consultants
Qarooni & Partners Legal Consultants
Founder of A. Ghani Qarooni & Associates, established his Firm in 1965 as one of the first legal firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since then, he has been providing professional services in numerous fields of law. In 1977 the Kingdom witnessed distinguished developments in the banking and financial sector and consequently the variety of our clients which was when he associated with Messrs ILIFFE & EDWARDS of 5 John Street, London, UK where a law firm was established under the name Qarooni & ILIFFE & EDWARDS to provide expert legal services to international banks, companies and offshore banking units. The association was sustained until 1983.

Thereafter, Mr. Qarooni associated with Messrs CAMERON MARKBY of Moor House, London, UK, and a new Firm was established under the name of Law Office of A. G. Qarooni and Associates achieving another milestone. That union widened the scope of his work and eventually increased the legal services provided to local clients and offshore-based companies & banks.

1988 is labeled to be a landmark in his legal journey as Mr. Qarooni decided to become independent which was when his Firm gained its current name A.Ghani Qarooni & Associates.

He is a certified Arbitrator with an extended experience in dealing with commercial lawsuits and disputes. He is also an admitted Bahraini Bar, a founder member of the Bahraini Bar Society, a member of the Arab Lawyers Union as well as the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre.

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