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Hala Radio 96 FM
Hala Radio 96 FM Andere Dienstleistungen
Radio Hala 96 radio services aimed at improving society by providing a programmatic map with creativity and thinking for all groups Hala started its actual broadcast on March 15, 2014 with a special programming map that accompanies you daily on a useful and exciting journey throughout the week The programming map of Radio Hala 96, along with long programmes, features short programmes ranging in duration from 5 to 10 minutes distributed throughout the day and serves as creamy capsules of content and light subtractions in diverse ideas and themes Radio Hala 96 Thanks to God has a high listening rate as we receive every day from 200 to 350 phone calls and up to 20,000 text messages Radio pages on various social media sites The number of followers to them is on the rise ,https://hala96.com
M.T.P For Propaganda and Advertisement Co.Ltd
M.T.P For Propaganda and Advertisement Co.Ltd Andere Dienstleistungen
MTP Advertising Company is a media agency for companies and institutions across television, radio and daily newspapers established in 2002 and has a very large number of customers, and has an activity in the production of advertising, photography and designs.